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Glenndon Chatman played little Quincy in the 2000 movie, Love and Basketball.

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Omar Epps

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Q: Who played Quincy in love and basketball?
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What is q's mother name in love and basketball?

Debbi Morgan played Quincy's mom, Nona McCall, in Love and Basketball.

What was the girl named in love in basketball?

Love and basketball? The girl's name was Monica, guy was Quincy. She was played by Sanaa Lathan :) Great film!

What is the actor who plays Quincy McCall's father in Love and Basketball?

Dennis Haysbert plays Quincy's father, Zeke McCall, in Love and Basketball.

Who are the main characters in love in basketball?

Monica Wright played by Sanaa Lathan and Quincy "Q" McCall played by Omar Epps

What was quincy's number on his jersey in the movie love and basketball?


In the movie Love and Basketball what is Monica's nickname for Quincy?

Big head

What song was playing in love and basketball when monica and Quincy were at usc?

"I like" by Guy

What number was Q in love in basketball?

In the movie Love and Basketball, Quincy was number 22 in high school and college. Then number 21 when he went pro.

Is Quincy McCall is a real WNBA player?

No he is a fictional character on the movie Love & Basketball.

Who do gabrielle union play in love and basketball?

She played a girl named Shawnie Easton. She wasn't a main character she was just the girl that Quincy (Omar Epps) took to the spring dance.

What is the song on love and basketball when monica was training and Quincy was playing basketball?

Interesting and very difficult to put into x amount of letters.

What was monicas number in love and basketball?

Kyla Pratt played the role of young Monica in the movie, Love and Basketball.