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Santana...shut out the Red Sox...

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Q: Who pitched Mn twins pitcher opening day shutout?
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Who was the last Minnesota Twins pitcher to pitch an opening day shutout?

Jim Perry on Opening Day in the 1970 season, defeating the Chicago White Sox 12-0.

Who was the twins pitcher on opening day April 11 1961 at Yankee Stadium?

Pedro Ramos ... Ramos threw a complete game 3 hit shutout as the Twins won 6-0.

Has a baseball pitcher ever thrown a shutout in extra innings?

Three great examples come to mind -- two regular-season games and one World Series classic. On July 2, 1963, Willie Mays of the San Francisco Giants hit a solo home run in the bottom of the 16th inning to snap a scoreless tie between the Giants and the Milwaukee Braves. The winning pitcher was San Francisco's Juan Marichal, who pitched all 16 shutout innings. The losing pitcher was Milwaukee's Warren Spahn who had pitched 15.1 scoreless innings before yielding Mays' home run. Almost nine years earlier, in August 1954, Jack Harshman of the Chicago White Sox pitched a 16-inning shutout against the Detroit Tigers. Al Aber of Detroit gave up the game's only run of the game in the 16th. In Game 7 of the 1991 World Series, the Minnesota Twins and the Atlanta Braves played scoreless baseball before the Twins won 1-0 sin the bottom of the 10th inning. Minnesota starter Jack Morris pitched the entire game for the eventual world champions.

Who was the Twins side arm pitcher?

Pat Neshek

Which baseball team has a pitcher named Hernandez?


Who was the last pitcher to pitch a complete game in a World Series game seven?

Through the 2009 World Series, that was Jack Morris of the 1991 Minnesota Twins who threw a 10 inning shutout against the Atlanta Braves in Game 7.

What Minnesota Twins players are or have been native to Minnesota?

Joe Mauer for one. 1) Joe Mauer, current catcher, was born in St. Paul. 2) Tom Burgmeier, who pitched for the Twins between 1974-1977, was born in St. Paul. 3) Gerry Kindall, a utility infielder for the Twins in 1964 and 1965, was born in St. Paul. 4) Dave Goltz, who pitched for the Twins between 1972-1979, was born in Pelican Rapids. 5) Jerry Terrell, a utility infielder for the Twins between 1973-1977, was born in Waseca. 6) Tom Kelly, former manager between 1986-2001, was born in Graceville. 7) Jack Morris, who pitched for the Twins in 1991, was born in St. Paul. 8) Paul Molitor, who played for the Twins between 1996-1998, was born in St. Paul. 9) Kent Hrbek, who played for the Twins between 1981-1994, was born in Minneapolis. 10) Jim Eisenreich, outfielder for the Twins between 1982-1984, was born in St. Cloud. 11) Mike Mason, pitcher for the Twins in 1988, was born in Faribault. 12) Terry Steinbach, catcher for the Twins between 1997-1999, was born in New Ulm. 13) Brian Raabe, pitcher for the Twins between 1995-1996, was born in New Ulm. 14) Michael Restovich, utility outfielder for the Twins between 2002-2004, was born in Rochester. 15) Dick Stigman, pitcher for the Twins between 1962-1965, was born in Nimrod. 16) Tom Johnson, pitcher for the Twins between 1974-1978, was born in St. Paul. 17) Glen Perkins, pitcher for the Twins from 2006 to current, was born in Stillwater. 18) Dave Winfield, outfielder for the Twins from 1993-1994, was born in St. Paul. 19) Jerry Koosman, pitcher for the Twins from 1979-1981 was born in Appleton.

What sport is Steve Carlton associated with?

Steve Carlton is a baseball hall of fame pitcher who played most of his career for the Philadelphia Phillies. He also pitched for the Cardinals, Giants, White Sox, Indians and Twins.

Who is number 90 for the Minnesota Twins?

Relief pitcher Jose Mijares.

Which Minnesota Twins pitcher had the most career strikeouts?

Camilo Pascuel

Who was the youngest player for the Minnesota Twins?

Pitcher Jim Manning who was 18 years, 268 days old when he debuted for the Twins in 1962 (born July 21, 1943 and first game April 15, 1962). Manning pitched in only 5 games in his MLB career, all in 1962.

Who was MVP of the 1991 world series?

Jack Morris, pitcher for the Minnesota Twins.

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