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The black eyed peas, with back up dancers consisting of the Marcus Highschool Marquettes

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Q: Who performed at pro bowl 2011 half time?
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Who proformed half time on super bowl 44?

The band "The Who" performed during half time of Super Bowl XLIV.

Who performed the Super Bowl 2010 half-time show?

The Who

Who performed at 2002 half time super bowl show?


Who is performing at half time at Super Bowl 2011?

Black eyed peas

Was Elton John in a half time super bowl?

Elton John has not performed in any Super Bowl halftime shows ( thru Super Bowl LI ).

Who is in the half time show super bowl 2011?

The Black Eyed Peas will perform during the halftime of Super Bowl XLV.

Is Tom Petty performing at the 2008 Super Bowl?

Yes, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers performed during half-time of Super Bowl 2008.

What was the half time entertainment of Super Bowl 1 on January 15th 1967?

The marching bands for the University of Arizona and the University of Michigan performed at halftime of Super Bowl I.

Who will play in 2011 Super Bowl?

I think that Black Eyed Peas and Rachel from "Glee" are going to play at Steelers and Packers 2011 half time show.

Who performed at the 2002 super bowl half time show?

Bridgestone Super Bowl XLII Halftime ShowTom Petty & the Heartbreakers

What are the release dates for High School Scholarship Quiz Bowl - 2011 Quiz Bowl Scholarship Time 1-10?

High School Scholarship Quiz Bowl - 2011 Quiz Bowl Scholarship Time 1-10 was released on: USA: 13 November 2011

Who is performing at super bowl xliv half time?

The Who