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The owners of the team

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Q: Who pays for pro hockey players equipment?
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How many players on a pro hockey team?

There are 22 players on a team

How many of the Olympic hockey players went on to play pro hockey?

they all were already playing pro hockey before they goined the olymics.

Do pro baseball players pay for there own bats?

The team pays for players bats.

What percentage of pro hockey players become blind due to hockey accidents?


What was the average salary for pro hockey players in 1930?

no clue

Who pays for the pro bowl players to fly to Hawaii?

Fans aka The NFL

Are there any hockey players with one arm?

There aren't any pro hockey players I'm aware of but I think there are several amateur players with one arm. You can find them on youtube

Why do hockey players wear heavy socks?

They don't. Most pro level hockey players wear no socks so they can "feel" the ice, improving performance.

Hom much do pro hockey players get paid?

In the United States $550,000 is the minimum pay for pro hockey players, but most make at least 1 or 2 million or more. The most in the NHL today is $10,000,000.

Average salary of east coast hockey league players?

East Coast Hockey League players make considerably less than pro players. The East Coast Hockey League's average salary is $380 per week.

Who pays for pro bowl travel expenses for players and coaches?

National football league ( A.K.A NFL)

Will Stiga rod hockey players fit a Franklin Pro rod hockey game?

I have been wondering the same thing... I have the franklin ultimate rod hockey pro model and one players stick is bigger than the other players due to the slot offset on the playing surface.. i have found that the stiga rod hockey players all have the same size a little upset that i too cannot find options to pick new teams/players out

Do pro football players get free cleats?

Yes. All the equipment they receive is free of charge.

How you can select the good quality hockey stick?

well i would get referal from players or call your local pro shop

When did Pro Sport Hockey happen?

Pro Sport Hockey happened in 1993.

What state produces the most hockey players?

Minnesota does, and it really isn't all that close. Minnesota has the most registered youth hockey players (53,450 in 2010. Next closest was Michigan with 51,404 registered youth players), produces the most Division 1 hockey players (currently 326 players, or 20.36% of all D1 players. Next closest is Massachusetts with 14.81%), and produces the most pro hockey players (Minnesota has produced 216 players all-time. Massachusetts is next closest with 168). This is why Minnesota is known as the "State of Hockey".

What would happen if a pro hockey team dies?

They ,will have to look for a other pro hockey.

How long is the hockey game?

well pro games are 1 hour and youth leagues are less depending on the age of the players.

How much do pro hockey players make?

The average NHL player makes $2.4 million annually. However, some players make as much as $14 million.

When was Pro Sport Hockey created?

Pro Sport Hockey was created on 1993-03-06.

Why do players burn their hockey sticks?

They want to get a custom curve, even pro's do it; then they take a mold of their top result, and they make replica's of it.

Who pays pro skateboarders?

their sponser

How many players are there on a pro hockey team?

A professional hockey team can have up to 23 players on its active roster, but only 20 players can dress for a game. The remaining 3 are considered healthy scratches. Most teams will usually dress 4 lines of forwards (12 players), 3 pairs of defensemen (6 players), and two goalies.

Why do they announce the last minute in a hockey period in the NHL?

its the rule of all pro hockey games. and to let the players know theres only one minute left in the end of the period.. why else?

How many pro hockey teams are there?

there are 30 hockey teams in the nhl