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Q: Who owns the most stock in the Green Bay Packers?
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Who owns the Green Bay Packers team?

The Green Bay Packers are owned by the city of Green Bay and have stock holders. The Green Bay Packers can not move to any other city.

What state does the Green Bay Packers play for?

Green Bay, Wisconsin owns the Green Bay Packers. They can not move to another city.

Who owns the Green Bay Packers?

They are a non-profit corporation owned by approximately 112,000 public stock holders. Many fans purchased stock in the Packers, last sold in 1997 for $200/share. See Related Links for the story of how the Packers literally became owned by the fans.

Who are the shareholders of the Green Bay Packers?

The fans! The Packers have offered stock in the team five times in their history. When the stock is available, any U.S. citizen can buy shares. Today there are shareholders in all 50 states. There's a lingering misperception that the city of Green Bay owns the team. They aren't owned by any government body, but rather by ordinary citizens.

Which NFL team has had the most owners?

The Green Bay Packers are publicly owned and currently have 112,158 shareholders, each of whom owns a portion of the team.

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Who owns Lambeau Field?

Lambeau Field is owned by the city of Green Bay, and controlled by the Green Bay/Brown County Professional Stadium District. The Packers occupy the stadium under terms of a 30-year lease signed in 2003. The stadium was renovated from 2000-2003, with funding from the sale of Packers' stock to the public and a Brown County sales tax increase.Source: Packers web site

Who owns Green Bay Football team?

There is no single owner of the Green Bay Packers. They are community owned. Shares are sold to the public for $200 per share.

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