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The company was founded in Carlsbad, CA on September 14, 1990 as Odyssey Sports, Inc. Incorporation documents were filed by Joel Magerman on behalf of the founders, including himself, bother Michael Magerman, father Alan Magerman, inventor Jim Flood and investors Ted Aroney and Alan Fox.
Jim Flood provided the orignal designs on the advice and input of Golf industry legend Gary Adams. The original designs were made entirely of a urethane material trademarked as "Stronomic". The name was conceived by was the abreviated version of the word "astronomic".
The company was named Odyssey because a South African named Ron Fletcher was introduced to the company in it's formative stages, before being founded, and took samples to a Japanese trading company called Marubeni. Fletcher conveyed to Michael Magerman, who ran the company as President and CEO, that Marubeni wanted to call the product The Odyssey. To show the committment of the company to get the relationship and an order, the company was named Odyssey Sports. Neither Fletcher nor Marubeni ever produced an order.
Later, Gary's son Brad joined the firm as a tour representative. His input, along with Bob Rosberg (PGA Champion and television commentator), Michael Magerman and Brian Pond (a former engineer from the aerospace industry) contributed to the insert models made under the "dual Force" line. The mallet series was called the RossieI and Rossie II; named for Bob Rosberg who had input into those specific models.
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Q: Who owns odyssey golf inc when were they founded?
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