Who owns number 6 on Real Madrid?

Updated: 10/20/2022
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Sami Khedira own 6 no jersey in Real Madrid.

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Q: Who owns number 6 on Real Madrid?
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What teams do c ronaldo play for?

he has just signed a 6 year contract with real Madrid.. so real Madrid

What is the jersey number of Sami Khedira in Real Madrid?

For the 2010-2011 season, which was last year, his number was 24. This season (2011-2012) his number is 6.

What are 6 spanish football teams?

Real Madrid, Villareal, Atltico Madrid, Barcelona, Espanyol and Valencia.

What is Real Madrid v Barcelona all time record?

Last year Barcelona thrashed Real Madrid 6-2.

When will start the real Madrid game tonight?

6:50 pm

When was Real Madrid Fc founded?

The current Real Madrid logo was designed by the Marketing Department of Real Madrid C.F. This logo has changed over the years but from the "Royal Crown"logo in the beginning (1920) to the current MCF written across the middle of the crest.

What were the football match results between Real Madrid and Barcelona for the last five years back?

29th November 2010: Barcelona 5-0 Real Madrid 10th April 2010: Barcelona 2-0 Real Madrid 29th November 2009: Barcelona 1-0 Real Madrid 2nd May 2009 Barcelona 6-2 Real Madrid 13th December 2008 Barcelona 2-0 Real Madrid 7th May 2008: Barcelona 1-4 Real Madrid 23rd December 2007: Barcelona 1-2 Real Madrid 10th March 2007: Barcelona 3-3 Real Madrid 22nd October 2006 Barcelona 0-2 Real Madrid The next game is on the 17th April 2011.

Who wears jersey 6 in real Madrid?

Khedira - German defending central midfielder

How much does Iker Casillas earn with Real Madrid?

close to 6 million a year

How much does Real Madrid's Iker Casillas earn?

close to 6 million a year

Who is better real Madrid or Barcelona?

Real Madrid is nothing with out Cristiano Ronaldo, angel DI maria, misut osil, Karim benzema, and xabi alonzo and barca has a line of youth stars waiting play there for barca is 1,000,000 times better then real Madrid. We have proof of this in there match in 2009 Barca won 6 to 2 but real Madrid is a good team.When trying to decide who is the best team between Real Madrid or Barcelona it is clear that Real Madrid has won more major competitions than Barcelona.

When was real Madrid the team made?

It was founded 112 years ago on March 6, 1902