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Bear Archery appears to be a privately held company headquartered in Evansville, Indiana

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Q: Who owns bear archery now?
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Bear Archery is a leading company in the production and sales of hunting products. The company was started by expert marksmen Fred Bear who began by making his own bows, arrows and other equipment.

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I think the person you are looking for would be Fred Bear. He is the one most commonly noted as the "Father of Archery."

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Bear glass powered grizzly from 1953 made by bear archery company from grayling Michigan Its 58 48?


Who are some famous archery players?

There are a variety of famous archery players. These include Howard Hill, Fred Bear, Saxton Pope, as well as Taishi Ci.

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It is a recurve bow manufactured by bear archery in the 70s that has fiberglass limbs hence the glass powered. Black bear was the specific model.

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How was archery and bull baiting played during the Elizabethan era?

Bull or Bearbaiting: the sport of tying a bull or a bear to a post, and setting several hunting dogs to attack the bull or bear, when dogs would be killed or wounded, they would send in more dogs until the bear was dead. Archery: Archery was very popular during the Elizabethan Era, the most skilled archers would win prizes. This was an individual sport played by fit, and athletic men of all classes

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Diamond Bows are sold at Archery Needs, Black Bear Sporting Goods, Bowhunting Outlet, Cabela's, Colgard Outdoor Sports, Dick's Sporting Goods, eBay, George Sports, Obsession Archery, and Quality Archery Bows.

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I am looking for some specs on the Jennings buckmaster 2000 bow and are these bows still made?

No the Jennings Buckmaster 2000 bow are no longer made but specs and tips on these bows are available from Bear Archery tech support and some answers concerning specs can be had on certain archery forums like Team Natural Outdoors and Archery Talk!

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