Who owns arsenal football club?

Updated: 12/17/2022
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Ryan Max Wright

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Q: Who owns arsenal football club?
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Who is the owner of the Arsenal Football Club?

Stan Kroenke is the owner of Arsenal Football Club. Stan Kroenke owns 66.83 percent of the shares.

When was Arsenal Football Club Museum created?

Arsenal Football Club Museum was created in 1993.

Which is the richest London football club?

Arsenal as a football club are worth the most (aprox £850 million) and they do have shareholders who combined are worth the most, however Chelsea's biggest shareholder (Roman Abramovich) is worth more than Arsenal's biggest shareholder (Stanley Kroenke, who owns 67% of the club).

Was Arsenal football club known as Woolwich Arsenal?


What is Arsenal Twitter handle?

The twitter handle of Arsenal Football Club is @Arsenal.

What is the arsenal official website?

arsenal football club official website

Who is the president of the Arsenal football club?

David Dein is the current president of the Arsenal Football Club but he may retire the position in the coming months.

Who is Arsenals football club manager?

Arsene Wenger is Arsenal football club's manager.

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