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Q: Who owns anfield?
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Related questions

Who built anfield?

kieran peck built anfield

Who is the tenant of Anfield?

The tenant of Anfield is Liverpool F.C. in England.

When was Anfield Rap created?

Anfield Rap was created in 1988.

Who plays soccer at anfield?

The soccer team that plays at Anfield is Liverpool.

What premier league team plays at Anfield?

Liverpool play at Anfield

When was Anfield Cemetery created?

Anfield Cemetery was created in 1863-08.

What tickets can be purchased at Anfield Stadium?

At Anfield stadium one can buy tickets for football matches. Anfield is the home base for Liverpool F.C., a world famous soccer club. Liverpool was founded in 1982 at Anfield statium.

Have Liverpool football club always played at anfield?

No, Anfield is Liverpool's football field, they played at home (anfield) sometimes. Not always.

When did Anfield Community Comprehensive School end?

Anfield Community Comprehensive School ended in 2006.

What is the capacity of anfield?

Liverpool Football Club's stadium, known as Anfield, seats approximately 45,525 fans.

What is capacity of Anfield stadium?

45,000 to 50,000 fans and followers can fit in anfield(not including players and staff)

Which premiership football club home ground is at anfield?

In the E.P.L the Liverpool club plays their football at Anfield.

Which team has their home ground named Anfield?

The team that has their home ground named Anfield is Liverpool FC.

How long has Liverpool been playing in anfield?

check the crest it tells you when they were established and 8 years on they moved to anfield

How far away is Anfield from Goodison Park?

Anfield is the football stadium in Anfield, Liverpool, England. It is five minutes away from Goodison Park. Goodison Park is the football stadium located in Walton, Liverpool, England.

How big is anfield?

The dimensions of Anfield football stadium are 101 metres (110 yards) by 68 metres (74 yards).

When was anfield built?


Is weather presenter trai anfield gay?


What football club was the first to win the league at anfield?

The first club to win the league at Anfield is obvious... It was Everton Football Club.

What is the size of the anfield pitch?

The Anfield pitch is 110 yards long and 75 yards wide with a total area of 8250 sq.yards.

Where is Anfield?

Anfield ground is in the area of Anfield in Liverpool which is in England. It's on one side of Stanley park, on the otherside is Goodison, Everton's ground. If this information doesn't help you try checking Google Earth or Virtual Earth. But I hope this does help you.

Did Everton ever use anfield as there home ground?

Yes Everton had Anfield as there home ground because they built it and then Liverpool got it off them

What is the capacity of the Anfield Stadium from Liverpool?

Anfeild Stadium is a football stadium located in Anfield, Liverpool England. This stadium has 4 stands, Spion Kop, Main Stand, Centenary Stand and Anfield Road. Anfield open in 1884 and is owned by Liverpoll F.C., that stated capacity is 45,545. Record capacity is 61,905 well over the limit, in 1952 for the match between Liverpool and Wolverhampton Wanderers. Plans to replace Anfield with 60,000 capacity stadium in adjacent ot Stanley Park were in 2002.

What is man uniteds stadium?


What are the dimensions of Anfield?

111yds by 74yds