Who owns New Zealand?

Updated: 12/8/2022
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New Zealand owns itself, it is an independent country. However, it belongs to the Queen's commonwealth.

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Q: Who owns New Zealand?
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Why is Motutapu Island important for New Zealand?

its important to new Zealand because he owns it and dock owns it 2.

Who owns the pavlova Australia or New Zealand?

New Zealand, but Australians try to claim it..

Who owns television New Zealand?

The government.

Who owns Kermadec Islands?

New Zealand

What country owns the Auckland islands?

New Zealand

Which country owns the Hen and Chicken islands?

New Zealand

Who owns Kiwibank?

Kiwibank is a subsidiary of New Zealand Post Limited, which is owned by the government.

How many hotels and resorts in the Australian and New Zealand area are owned and operated by Rydges?

Rydges is one of the main entertainment organizations that is from Australia and New Zealand. Currently to date, Rydges owns 41 hotels and resorts in the Australian and New Zealand area.

Which country created smallworlds?

Smallworlds was created in New Zealand and the person who owns smallworlds is Dan Smallworlds

What country owns New Zealand?

New Zealand is a separate country in and of itself. It has its own government, currency, postage system etc. It is part of the continient Oceania, and is also a member of the Commonwealth.

Who owns Nissan regestration PQ4123 in the south island of New Zealand?

I do, and i am Patrick nordrum HAR HAR HAR

Can a group of people own water in new zealand?

Nope according to john key no one owns the water