Who owns JJB Sports?

Updated: 10/24/2022
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no one owns jjb sport it is a plc

(public limited company)

this means that you can buy shares to the company

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Q: Who owns JJB Sports?
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What is JJB Sports's population?

The population of JJB Sports is 9,417.

When was JJB Sports created?

JJB Sports was created in 1971.

What is the slogan for jjb sports?

just dont it

How many gyms did JJB Sports have?

JJB Sports had about 60 gyms throughout the UK. However, JJB's Health & Fitness Centres became the property of DW Sports so it can be said the JJB has no gyms.

What is JJB sports mission statement?

JJB Sports mission statement is to sell clothes, sports wear, sports equipment and trainers at reasonable prices and to make profit.

Where can you buy soccer boots?

jjb sports

Is there a jjb sports in Liverpool 1?


Is jjb sports open on boxing day?

yes it is.

What are the objectives of jjb sports?

to sell sports clothing and equipment, and make money.

What are the aims and objectives of jjb sports?

to be the best on selling sports company in the UK

Where can you find snapbacks?

u can find it at a sports shop e.g jjb sports

Where can you find snapback hats?

u can find it at a sports shop e.g jjb sports