Who owns Atletico Madrid?

Updated: 11/21/2022
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Q: Who owns Atletico Madrid?
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Is Jose Reyes on loan to atletico Madrid from arsenal?

no, arsenal sold him to real madrid, who then sold him to atletico.

What year did Fernando Torres join atletico Madrid?

He joined Atletico Madrid in 1995, aged 11.

Where is the atletico de Madrid soccer team?

Surprisingly, the team Atletico Madrid is based in Madrid, Spain. They have produced such players as Fernando Torres and Daniel De Gea.

What soccer team is falcao?

Atletico madrid

What league is Atletico Madrid in?

Liga do brasil

What will be the score between Liverpool vs atletico Madrid?

It ended athletico Madrid 1- Liverpol0.

Who won the first ever Europa League?

Atletico Madrid

What team was Fernando Torres in before Liverpool?

He was at Atletico Madrid

What team does falcao play for?

Atletico de Madrid

Will Real Madrid, FC Barcelona and Atletico de Madrid be in the next league after being in the Superleague?


What soccer team is falcao on?

Atletico Madrid, who play in the Spanish league

How many goals has Fernando Torres scored for Atletico Madrid?