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Q: Who owned the knicks before James dolan?
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Who owns the New York Yankees now that George Steinbrenner passed away?

His sons, Hal and Hank Steinbrenner own the team.

Who owned the New England Patriots before Robert Kraft?

James Orthwein.

Who owned the New Jersey Nets in 1984?

The New Jersey Nets were owned by seven businessmen dubbed the "Secaucus Seven", led by Alan Cohen and Joseph Taub. They owned the team until 1998 when they sold it to a group led by Raymond Chambers and Lewis Katz.

Who is the owner of James Avery Jewelry?

James Avery Jewlry is a family-owned buiness owned by James Avery.

What were James Monroes thoughts on slavary?

James Monroe owned slaves and plantations before he went into politics. When James had a runaway slave he shared his thoughts saying the slave was a scoundrel.

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Who owns the New York Islanders?

As of the 2007-08 season, the Rangers are owned by Madison Square Garden L.P. whose managing partner is James Dolan. Madison Square Garden L.P. is a subsidiary of Cablevision System Corporation and runs the Garden and the teams that play there which include the Rangers, Knicks of the NBA, and Liberty of the WNBA.

Who owned territory around Hudson bay before the French and Indian War?

Spain owned Florida before the French and Indian war.

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John Sutter and James Marshall owned Sutter Mill.

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The Quakers purchased half of New Jersey from Lord John Berkeley. Before Lord John Berkeley owned this land it was owned by James, the Duke of York.

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