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Henry Ross Perot, Jr.

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Q: Who owned dallas mavericks before Cuban?
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What Brand of cigar is Mark Cuban and the Dallas Mavericks Smoking?

Found it. Mombacho Cigars! hand made in Nicaragua. They can be ordered online st mombachocigars. It's owned by some young entrepreneurs who have parties for their customers all the time.

How do you buy land in Cuba?

You must be a Cuban Citizen. Also, buying land from Cuba is very difficult, even as a Cuban. Everything is mainly owned by the Government.

What female owned Dallas Cowboys?

There never was a female owner

who owned the car before that?

who owned the car before me?

Who owned the original Dallas Cowboys?

Clint Murchison and Bedford Wynne

How long did Clint Murchison own the Dallas Cowboys?

The Texas oil magnate owned the Dallas Cowboys from 1960 to 1984.

Why did Cuban rebels destroy US owned sugar plantations?

they wanted the U.S. to get involved and drive out the spanish

What was the name of Steve Harvey's dallas night club?

The name of the Dallas club was Steve Harvey's Comedy House. Steve never owned a night club in Dallas, Texas.

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i have a vin number of my car and i need to know who owned it before me

What types of businesses are owned by the government in cuba?

The Cuban State owns almost every business activity in Cuba. When the Cuban government need foreign know how or investments they establish a joint venture with the overseas investor on a 51% ownership. The Cuban government owns the complete Tourist Industry, hotels, resorts, tourist transport, taxi companies, bars, nightclubs, museums. But also the Sugar Industry, mining activities, Tobacco Industry, supermarkets and food distribution, Commercial banks, Fishing Industries. Even little bars and local shops are owned by the government. Farmers rent land from the State, they own their business but the distribution and sale is owned by the Cuban government

Who owned Canada before the us?

The U.S. has never owned Canada.

This team owned by Jerry Jones holds the record for the most Super Bowl MVPS?

Dallas Cowboys