Who own's naparima bowl?

Updated: 12/3/2022
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Q: Who own's naparima bowl?
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When was the naparima bowl built?

1962 is the answer

When was the naparima bowl auditorium built?


When was Naparima College created?

Naparima College was created in 1894.

What is Naparima College's motto?

The motto of Naparima College is 'From Possibility To Actuality'.

What is the best high school in tnt?

Naparima Girls' High and Naparima College 4 boys

When was Naparima Girls' High School created?

Naparima Girls' High School was created in 1912.

What are five main roads in Trinidad?

The Eastern Main Road

What are the different names of plains in Trinidad?

The Caroni Plains, The Nariva Plains and the Naparima Plains

Did Terrell owns win a super bowl with the 49Ers?


Who owns shady bowl speedway?

Charlie Stapleton

What are the boundaries of the Naparima constituency in Trinidad and Tobago?

what are the boundries of the Arima constituency

Where is the naparima plain in Trinidad?

located very near to the nariva swamp