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The Board of Control for Cricket in India, Cricket Australia and Cricket South Africa organise it.

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Q: Who organizes cricket champion league t 20?
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Which cricket team won the 2010 champions league twenty 20?

Chennai super kings

What player has the most champioms league medals?

I think the Italian Paulo Maldini of A.c. Milan won 7 champion league medals in 20 odd years at Milan.

Do you think that 20-20 is a good addition to cricket?

Yes. It is a fast form of cricket. Players who are thirsty of thrill and adventure prefer this form of cricket.

Is the IPL the same as Twenty20 cricket?

No, They Are DifferentT20 is a format of cricket, whereas the IPL is a tournament that uses this format of cricket. Twenty20 cricket is a format of cricket where each team gets to play 20 overs each. It is just regular cricket, with the match being of a different duration, viz., a test match is played over 5 days, whereas One Day Cricket involves a match of 50 overs per side. And similarly, T20 involves playing 20 overs each.IPL stands for the Indian Premier League, which is a Tournament conducted by BCCI in India. It is a cricket tournament that uses the Twenty20 cricket format.

Who is the volunteer in 20-20 cricket 2012?

Sri Lanka is the volunteer in 20-20 cricket 2012.Sri Lanka also won the world cup.

What are the release dates for Lassie - 1954 Champion 3-20?

Lassie - 1954 Champion 3-20 was released on: USA: 20 January 1957

Which month was the 20-20 cricket worldcup 2008 was held?

T20 cricket world cup was not held in 2008.

When did India played 20 20 cricket?


Highest 20-20 cricket scorer?


Who won recent 20 20 cricket?


What was first known jocularly as pyjama cricket?

test cricket or 20-20cricket or day night cricket

Where is 2016 cricket t-20 world cup?

India will organize the 2016 cricket t-20 world cup