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Because of his father also recognized as professional Basketball player in all times.

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Q: Who or what inspired Ray Allen to pursue professional basketball?
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What did Allen Iverson do to become famous?

He played professional basketball

What is Allen Iverson contribution to society?

He is a professional basketball player in Turkey.

Why does ray Allen wear 20?

Ray Allen or Walter Ray Allen, Jr. is a professional basketball player in the National Basketball Association. His original number is #34 in the team Bucks and Supersonics then he became #20 because his birthday is July 20.

Does Allen Iverson have any brothers?

Allen Iverson does not have any brothers. He does have two sisters. Allen Iverson is a professional basketball player who played in the NBA. He announced his retirement on October 30, 2013.

What is an athlete with the last name starting with a i?

Allen Iverson is a famous professional basketball player. His last name begins with the letter i.

When was Randy Allen - basketball - born?

Randy Allen - basketball - was born on 1965-01-26.

When was John Allen - basketball - born?

John Allen - basketball - was born on 1982-11-01.

When was Bob Allen - basketball - born?

Bob Allen - basketball - was born on 1946-07-16.

Is there a professional athlete who's last name starts with i?

· Michael Irvin (football) · Monte Irvin (baseball) · Allen Iverson (basketball)

For what is Richard Jefferson best known?

Richard Jefferson or Richard Allen Jefferson is an American professional basketball player who currently plays for the Golden State Warriors in the NBA.

What famous people have the first name of Allen?

· Allen Iverson (basketball)

Who was better Allen Iverson or Gary Payton?

The better basketball player between Allen Iverson or Gary Peyton is a personal opinion. Both Allen and Gary are considered in the top ten of retired basketball players.

Who motivated Ray Allen to be a basketball player?

Dr. David Allen of Wilmington, NC

Who is the oldest professional basketball player in the nba?

As of June 2014, the oldest player in the NBA is Steve Nash of the Los Angeles Lakers. Nash was born on February 7, 1974. The second oldest is Ray Allen of the Miami Heat. Allen was born on July 20, 1975.

Do any of the founders of Microsoft own a professional sports team?

Yes. Microsoft Co-Founder Paul Allen owns two professional sports franchises in the United States. The Portland Trailblazer in the National Basketball Association and the Seattle Seahawks in the National Football League.

What is Tony Allen famous for?

Tony Allen is famous for being an American basketball swingman. Tony has worked with the Memphis Grizzles of the National Basketball Association. Tony's full name is Anthony Allen and he was born in January 1982.

Is Allen Iverson good at basketball?


What is Allen Iverson's basketball number?


What was Ray Allen's favorite game?


Allen Iverson hobbies?

yes basketball

Did Allen Iverson have a hobbie?

yes basketball

Who does Allen iverson play for?

Allen Iverson currently plays for the Beşiktaş in the Turkish Basketball League.

Is Allen iverson on the Celtics?

Allen Iverson currently plays for the Beşiktaş in the Turkish Basketball League.

Is ray Allen better than Tom Brady on the patriots?

Ray Allen is a basketball player

What other sports did Allen Iverson play?

Allen Iverson won state titles in football and basketball at Bethel High in Virginia before playing basketball exclusively at Georgetown University