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the number 3 was retired by Bronko Nagurski who played from 1930-1943 not sure who else wore this number

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Currently, #13 is worn by Johnny Knox.

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Q: Who on the Chicago Bears has worn the number 13?
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Who wore number 13 for the Chicago Bears?

In 2010, wide receiver Johnny Knox wore #13 for the Chicago Bears.

What Chicago Bears wore number 10?

Quarterback Rudy Bukich wore number 10 for the Chicago Bears from 1963 through 1968, quarterback Bobby Douglass used it from 1970-75 and backup quarterback Peter Tom Willis wore the number from 1990-93.

What was the Chicago Bears record in 2001?


Who wears jersey number 13 in the NFL?

Quite a few like Chicago Bears #13 Johnny Knox and Arizona Cardinals #13 Kurt Warner. 13 is an unlucky number, but it is just inevitable on NFL jerseys.

What was Chicago Bears record in 2006?

2006- 2007 13-3

Have the Chicago Bears ever gone 1-13 or 1-15?

Yes, under Jim Dooley in 1969 the Bears finished at 1-13.

What is joakim noah number?

13 is the answer 13 on the Chicago Bulls!!!!!!!!!!!!

When was the last time the bears played the patriots in Chicago?

Dec. 13 2010

Who wore number 83 for the 2007 bears?

Mike Hass WR played at Oregon State. Now plays for Seattle.

Who spent his entire HFL career as a running back for the Chicago Bears?

Walter spent all of his 13 years in the NFL with the Chicago Bears, leading them to the Super Bowl victory in 1985.

Did the 1985 Chicago Bears play the San Francisco 49ers?

Yes, October 13 at Candlestick Park. The Bears won 26-10.

Has Derek Jeter ever worn the number 13 for the New York Yankees?

Derek Jeter has never worn the number 13 as a member of the New York Yankees.