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The Oilers did not reach the Stanley Cup Final in 1989. However, Shayne Corson played for Montreal in 1989, and later played for the Oilers from 1992-95 and was their captain in 1995.

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Q: Who oilers played in final 1989?
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Houston oilers last gane was played against who?

The Oilers final game was played December 22, 1996 in Baltimore against the Ravens. The Oilers won 24-21.

Who was Edmonton Oilers coach in 1997-1998?

Ron Low served as the head coach of the Oilers from 1995 to 1999. Low was also an assistant coach on the team from the 1989-90 season until taking the head position. He played for the Oilers organization between 1979 and 1982.

What year did the Houston Oilers play there last game?

1996.The Oilers final game was December 22, 1996 in Baltimore against the Ravens. The Oilers won, 24-21.

What was the Houston oilers worse loss?

54 points on December 17, 1989 ... Cincinnati Bengals 61, Houston Oilers 7.

How many games did the Tennessee oilers play?

The Tennessee Oilers played 32 games.

Who played for both Edmonton Oilers and Edmonton Eskimos?

nobody. but warren moon played for the eskimos and the nfl's huston oilers

How long was Wayne Gretzky with the oilers?

10 years from 1979-1989

Who was the Edmonton Oilers head coach in 98-99?

1998-99 was Ron Low's final season as head coach of the Oilers.

Who was the last team the Edmonton Oilers played for the Stanley Cup?

The Edmonton Oilers played the Carolina Hurricanes in the 2006 Stanley Cup Playoffs. The Oilers would lose in Game 7.

Who won the last meeting between the Cowboys and Oilers?

The final game played between the Houston Oilers and Dallas Cowboys occurred on September 11, 1994 and was won by Dallas, 20-17. In all, the Oilers and Cowboys matched up eight times, with Dallas holding a 5-3 record.

Who are the winners of the NHL MVP in the 1980's?

1980-81Wayne GretzkyEdmonton Oilers 1981-82Wayne GretzkyEdmonton Oilers 1982-83Wayne GretzkyEdmonton Oilers 1983-84Wayne GretzkyEdmonton Oilers 1984-85Wayne GretzkyEdmonton Oilers 1985-86Wayne GretzkyEdmonton Oilers 1986-87Wayne GretzkyEdmonton Oilers 1987-88Mario LemieuxPittsburgh Penguins 1988-89Wayne GretzkyLos Angeles Kings 1989-90Mark MessierEdmonton Oilers

What year did the Edmonton Oilers last win the Stanley Cup?

The Oilers last won the Cup in the 1989/90 season.The Edmonton Oilers won their 5th and most recent Stanley Cup in 1990.

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