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Kenny Dalglish.

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Q: Who manages Liverpool?
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Which is furthest West Bristol or Liverpool?

Liverpool and Liverpool is a football team with Steven Gerard as Captain

Who said Management is a multiple organ that manages a business manages a manager and manages workers and work?

Who said, โ€œManagement is a multiple organ that manages a business, manages a manager and manages workers and workโ€?

What is furthest west Liverpool Edinburgh Carlisle or Bristol?


Who are better Manchester United Arsenal Chelsea or Liverpool?

Liverpool! Liverpool! Liverpool!

What is the address of the Liverpool arena?

Liverpool arena is a soccer stadium in Liverpool. The address is King's Dock, Liverpool Waterfront, Liverpool. The entire sports complex is ACC Liverpool.

List four major functions of an OS?

Provides a user interface, manages files, manages hardware, and manages applications.

How far is Liverpool from Scotland?

Liverpool to Glasgow is 219 miles. Liverpool to Gretna is 133 miles. Liverpool to Thurso is 483 miles. Liverpool to Lerwick is 573 miles.

Which player will be the surprise of the EPL in 2007?


How do Liverpool talk?

People from Liverpool speak English, since Liverpool is in England. Liverpool's dialect is known as Scouse.

Who manages Leona Lewis?

Simon Cowell manages Leona Lewis.

What are Liverpool's two main football teams?

Liverpool and Liverpool reserves

Were the beeatles from Liverpool?

Yes the Beatles were from Liverpool, they were called The Liverpool Boys.

Where is Liverpool hope university?

Liverpool Hope University is in Liverpool, England. Specifically, it is at the following address: Liverpool Hope University Hope Park, Liverpool, L16 9JD, England

Is Man U better than Liverpool?

Man U are so Terribe They lost to Liverpool at home! Liverpool are better Man U are so Terribe They lost to Liverpool at home! Liverpool are better Man U are so Terribe They lost to Liverpool at home! Liverpool are better

Where is the Liverpool football club located?

Liverpool. Liverpool Football Club, Anfield Road, Liverpool, L4 0TH

Where is the Liverpool Public Library in Liverpool located?

The address of the Liverpool Public Library is: 310 Tulip Street, Liverpool, 13088 4997

How many Liverpool fans are there?

87 million Liverpool fans support Liverpool

On what sea is Liverpool?

Liverpool is on the estuary of the River Mersey which runs into Liverpool Bay and then the Irish Sea

Which town is further north Liverpool or Sheffield?

Liverpool is further north than Sheffield but only by a small margin, and both Liverpool and Sheffield are cities not towns.

Everton or Liverpool?


Where do liverpool train?

in liverpool

What company manages Dyncorp Payroll?

What company manages payroll for Dyncorp International?

Where is the university of Liverpool located at?

The University of Liverpool is located in Liverpool England at Brownlow Hill, Liverpool, Merseyside L69 3BX, United Kingdom. The University's main campus is in the Liverpool City Center.

Who won the carling cup Liverpool or Cardiff?

Liverpool has won Carling cup score of match was Liverpool 2-2 Cardiff and in penalties Liverpool won Liverpool 3-2 Cardiff

Which dish networks operate in Liverpool?

Dish Network is one company that operates nationwide. It would be the same company in Liverpool, New York, Liverpool Ohio, Liverpool, Illinios, or Liverpool, Texas.