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Alexander Ovechkin signed a contract for 124 MILLION dollars for 13 seasons.

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Vincent lacavalier from the lighting made 10 million in 2009/2010 season

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Q: Who makes the most money in the l NHL a year?
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Who in the NHL makes the most?

Danny heatly 10 million a year

How much does an NHL coach make?

Most NHL coaches are not paid a salary and make little to no money during the year as it is considered pompous. Many have jobs during the summer like Darryl Sutter who is a farmer or Ken Hitchcock who is a food tester.

Who make more money mlb or nba?

Its Cricket at 1st place and then football

What nationality makes up most NHL hockey teams?


How much does Crosby make for 1 NHL season?

He makes 8.7 million per year

How much Sidney Crosby makes a year?

He makes 50 millon Canadian dollars in a year. More than any one in the NHL . I love Sid the Kid:).

How much money is spent on the NHL each year if you know answer correctly?

approx 30 million $

What makes a NHL team?

money, good players, good coach. good gm and of course awesome fans

What nhl goalie has the most playoff saves in a year?

Mikka kipersoff

Which NHL player has had the most goals since the year 2000?

Jarome iginla

What city has had the most winning sports teams in a year like NFL NHL NBA?

This year, both the Pittsburgh Steelers (NFL) and the Pittsburgh Penguins (NHL) won their championships. It was the first time both an NFL and an NHL team won from the same city.

What college has most NHL players currently?

This school may not produce the most each year, but I understand that over the years, the University of Minneosta has produced 158 players to get drafted by the NHL... But most belive that the University of Michigan is NHL U..