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The largest "swing" keel "production" yacht (ie. keel pivots/rotates into hull) is probably the Northshore Southerly 54rs. They have only just started construction, so if this does not count, then the next model down the 46rs is probably the biggest. Draught varies between 7 foot, to less than 3 foot with the keel up on the 46rs and it can be beached.

In terms of "custom" designed yachts, the Bill Dixon Yacht Design Company have made a 100 foot yacht with a swing keel named Liara II (Liara II actually has a tubular keel, meaning the lower half of the keel with the bulb is lifted into the out keel casing. It works in the same way a telescope does. But large yachts can accommodate swing keels). Coincidently, Bill Dixon designed the (hull) Southerly 46rs as mentioned above.

As for yachts with "lifting" keels (ie. keel moves vertically upwards) the biggest production may be the Hanse 630e which as the name suggest is 63 foot in lenght. Marten also producte a lifting keel yacht I belive. Wally have adjustable boards, as do products of many of the larger builders but it could be argued that these are custom, rather than production models as they all vary.

As for custom yachts, adjsutable boards are fairly common, the biggest may be Mirabella V, her draught can vary between 32 feet and 13 feet. Mirabella V is 247 foot in lenght and set numerous records upon completion of construction in terms of size, sail area, mast height ect.

The Southerly 57 is on the water at Southampton Boat Show and there is a 65 on the way.

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Q: Who makes the largest swing keel sailboat?
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Who manufactures 20-30ft swing keel boats?

Catalina and Aquarius both make popular models.

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There's no single right answer that will cover any 20' sloop, the size and shape of the keel the form of the hull and how the sails are ballanced will all affect what size rudder is needed, as well as the shape of it. Also the answer will depend on what handling characteristics are desired. As for just the depth of the rudder, usually it will go to slightly less depth than the keel when the keel is at it's deepest. Some lifting keel yachts, especially smaller ones, also have a lifting rudder.

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