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A coach may yell out from the dugout but, it is up to which ever player has the ball when the play is over. All he has to do is touch the contested base with the ball in his hand. The umpire will either rule safe or out. It has to happen before another pitch is thrown.

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Q: Who makes the call when a player misses the base while advancing the umpire or the coach.?
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Can a base umpire throw a softball coach out of a game?

Yes, any umpire can throw a coach or player out of the game.

What sentence can you write with the word umpire?

my coach is gracefully umpire

When a player is on first or third can the coach be out of the box?

The 1st base coach can never be out of the coach's box. The 3rd base coach can only be out of his box when the ball is hit and there is a runner on or advancing to 3rd base.

Who is in charge of a volleyball match?

Coach or umpire

What is a bench jockey in baseball?

A bench jockey is someone, a player or coach, in the dugout that is yelling not so nice things to a player/coach of the other team on the field or an umpire in order to upset or distract them.

If you use a pinch runner do you have to tell the other coach of the change or just the umpire?

You only have to tell the umpire or official scorekeeper.

How does a softball coach call time out?

They holler out to the umpire "Time Blue!" or just make their hands into a T form and signal the umpire down, and then the umpire will call time out.

What is the role of the coaches in netball?

The job of the coach is to be the umpire. The umpire basically makes decisions like what team gets the ball and when a ball is out.

What is basball timeout rule?

This is rule 5.10, which states, in essence, that the umpire shall call "time out" in certain situations. An important part of the rule is that no umpire shall call "time out" while play is in progress except in case of light failure or when an accident incapacitates a player or umpire. Also, commonly mis-understood, is that only an umpire can call time out; a coach or player can only "request" time out, which must be granted by the umpire before the time out actually occurs.

What are the four officials in netball called?

the officials are the captain- the coach- the timekeeper and the umpire

When a runner steals second makes contact with bag then told by opposing player it was foul when it was not and he runs back to first and is thrown out?

The runner is out. If there is any question, the player should ask the umpire or his coach, not an opposing player.

Who are the officials of a netball game?

The Coach, Umpire, Time keeper, Scorer. I think that is all.

What are umpire signals in netball?

the signs tht the coach gives when it is for example a foul,a throw in.

Why do baseball games start 5 minutes after the hour?

In the MLB the reason for the game to start five (5) minutes after the hour is due to the fact that the umpire has to collect the line up cards from the coach's ... the coach's as will as the team do not have to take the field till the HOUR of play ... the umpire is allotted this time to collect the line up cards ... when both coach's have gone back to the dug outs from there home plate meeting with the umpire the umpire will call PLAY BALL and the FIRST pitch will be thrown ...

Who are the officials in a netball game?

Team Officials are the Coach, Assistant Coach, Manager, Captain and up to two Primary Care Personnel who are qualified to diagnose and treat injury or illness (for example Doctor and/or Physiotherapist).

What NBA coach has won the most championship rings as a player and a coach?

Phil Jackson has the most rings as a coach & player with 12. Two as a player and 10 as a coach

What are the Asa rules regarding coaches on the softball field?

Only two base coaches are allowed on the field during play and they are restricted to the coaches boxes that are usually chocked on to the ground. The coaches from the defensive team must stay off the field. A coach can only pass the foul line if he has been granted permission by an umpire by calling time out. If a player in injured the coach must wait for the umpire to call dead ball before he can help the injured player.

Does the coach set the standard for a baseball team or does the umpire or even the player?

The standards for the game are established by the rules and enforced by the umpires, the standards for the team are established by the Manager, but the standards for the players are established by the players themselves.

If a runner runs into the base coach at third base is it coach interference?

Yes, it is coach's interference if, in the judgment of the umpire, the base coach at 3rd base, or at 1st base, by touching or holding the runner, physically assists him in returning to or leaving first or third base.

What movie and television projects has Darin Rossi been in?

Darin Rossi has: Played Umpire in "Night Stalker" in 2005. Played Bay Hill Referee in "Coach Carter" in 2005. Played Umpire in "Bad News Bears" in 2005. Played Home Plate Umpire in "Superman Returns" in 2006. Played Umpire in "Rules of Engagement" in 2007.

Can a player use the end net as a support in attempting to gain a rebound after a shot for goal in indoor netball?

sure, as long as you do not contact your defender. if you are worried, ask your coach or the umpire during training or before a match. :)

How do you sub in player in softball?

It depends on where you are in the inning, what is wrong with the player you are taking out, and what position the person going in plays. You can switch pitchers at any time in the game, just by calling Time-Out. For the most part, you can switch players at any position if your coach signals the umpire.

What are the differences between a Coach and a Player?

A coach instructs players on what to do and the players do what the coach instructs them to do.

How does the umpire keep control of the players?

Rule 9.01d states very clearly that "Each umpire has authority to disqualify any player, coach, manager or substitute for objecting to decisions or for unsportsmanlike conduct or language, and to eject such disqualified person from the playing field." In other words, any umpire, at any time, can simply expel any player acting in an unsportsmanlike manner - and it's ENTIRELY in the opinion of the umpire. It's hard to lose an argument when you can simply tell somebody they've just lost the argument and have to leave immediately! In addition, players who so much as touch an umpire with their finger are invariably subject to very severe penalties by baseball commisioners.

Who are the main officials of the softball game?

Umpires are the officials in a softball game. The plate umpire is the head umpire for that game. A coach can approach the umpires about any rule interpretation questions, but judgment calls are final and cannot be reversed.