Who makes the bat exo grid?

Updated: 12/7/2022
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Louisville Slugger and TPX

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Q: Who makes the bat exo grid?
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Is there any -5 exo grid baseball bat?

There is not

Are exo bats illegal in college?

The 2012 Exo Grid (BBCOR) is the only legal college exo bat.

Which bat is better Triton bat vs exogrid bat?

I have an exo grid and a Triton the exo grid has more pop but the Triton has a bigger sweet spot so u wont pop out as much with the Triton

What is the best year exo grid high school bat?

The White, White (Air), and Red seem to be the best 3.

What is the best little baseball bat?


Which one is better a tpx Triton baseball bat or a Louisville Slugger tpx exo?

The Triton isn't a bad bat, and it is $100 cheaper. The Exo is a better quality, and has more pop. I would Go with the Exo.

When will the next exo grid come out?

the 2011 tpx exogrid has already came out

Is the Nike aero fuse cx2 or exo grid better?

Nike Aero Fuse Cx2

What is the best baseball bat for a 5'9 180 lb high school baseball player- I am looking at a few bats such as the stealth speed 95- 2010 air exogrid- demarini cf4- sv12 95 ozone- etc?

2010 air exo-grid

What is the difference between the first white exogrid baseball bat and the new 2010 exogrid baseball bat?

the white exo is and has been the best exo that tpx has made so far. i have used all of them and i currently have the white one. it has much more pop than any of the other exo grids. that's the only difference.

What is the best 30 Little League Bat?

the louisville slugger exo-grid. its the best bat you can get because it has a special type of metal in between the bat head and the handle that strengthen it, creating maximum pop to increase your batting average, slugging percentage and your on base percentage. its the bat i have, but be careful bying it - its pretty pricy. you have to comit to this bat and polish it and clean it and make sure you want to play baseball more than any other sport and you can even give it a name! mine's name is rambo because the bat is so strong and can think of any possible way to do what he needs to do, just like rambo.

What big barrel bat should you get?

The Exo 51 50 has the most pop and the longest durability I've ever seen (the green one)