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F.F.A organize the world cup.

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Q: Who makes the World Cup footballs?
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Which Indian city manufactured footballs for world cup?


Where are world cup footballs made?

They are made in India by Adidas.

How many footballs were used in the 2010 world cup?

more than 1000000 and were handed out for free after world cup for the first time

Which Indian city manufactured footballs balls for the World Cup Football?


Footballs name which FIFA using for this years world cup?

Adidas Jabulani.

Does the host nation get to name the football of the world cup?

does the host nation in footballs world cu get to name the football

Why do footballs have pentagons?

They do not necessarily have pentagons. See for example, the brazuca, the official football design for the 2014 World Cup.

Who makes all footballs?

The footballs used by the National Football League are made by Wilson.

What country makes the FIFA World Cup?

The f.i.F.A world cup is made in India.

Who makes the most footballs?

Lionel messi

Who makes the most of the worlds footballs?

Good question but the answer would be?

Is 2014 the thirteenth FIFA World Cup?

No, 2014 makes the 20th FIFA World Cup.

What country makes most of the worlds footballs?


What brand football does the NCAA use?

Each team uses their own footballs. The brand that sponsors the team usually is the brand of footballs used, if that brand makes footballs. (Most popular is Nike or the G5)

Are footballs made from cow hide or pigskin?

Football are sometimes called a "pigskin," which makes people think footballs might be made out of pigs. But nope! The NFL's official footballs are made of premium cowhide leather.

What are the countries in the football World Cup?

Any International team makes the world Cup,Only 32 make the finals

Is marcela Alvarez the most beautifullest girl in the world?

Hell yes when she talks she makes me horny and she's funny and she's not mean and she doesn't pop footballs

Are high school footballs bigger then juinor size footballs?

Yes, JR footballs are smaller in "girth". This makes throwing the ball easier for small hands. An official size HIGH SCHOOL ball will be stamped with the NHFS stamp.

What makes soccer well known around the world?

Tournaments such as the world cup and the European cup make soccer well known around the world

Which company makes the world cup football?


Where are the world's best footballs made?


Who makes footballs?

A number of sporting goods companies produce footballs, including Spalding and Wilson, as leather, rubber and composite models, in various sizes for different ages, and in varying qualities. There are even Nerf footballs, for cubicle football.

Who makes footballs in Pakistan Are the conditions good?

Children!!!!!! omg wat evil ppl!!!!!!!!!!

How many footballs are produced each year?

About 40 million footballs are sold around the world every year. It is one of the most common toys of children of all ages.

Are NCAA footballs larger than NFL footballs?

no, nfl footballs are a little larger than ncaa footballs