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Q: Who makes more money lebron James or Kobe Bryant?
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Who makes more money Kobe Bryant or LeBron James?

Kobe Bryant makes 21.26 million Lebron James makes 14.41 million Kobe makes more

Who makes mooere money in 2011-2012 lebron James or Kobe Bryant?

Kobe 19,490,625 LeBron 13,041,250

Does Kobe Bryant make more money than Lebron James?

Yes . He makes 10 million more .

Who makes more money for 2007 Kobe Bryant or lebron James?

According to, Kobe's 2007-08 salary was $19,490,625 and LeBron's was $13,041,250.

Who make more money for 2009 Kobe Bryant or LeBron James?

As of 2009, Kobe makes more money of his salary in the NBA, not from endorsements.

How much money does LeBron James make per game?

LeBron James makes about $192,437.95 per game as of the 2009-2010 season.

How much money does LeBron James?

He makes about 20 to 30 million a year.

Who make more money LeBron James or Floyd Mayweather?

lebron james

How much is lebron James paid?

lebron James doesnt use money....

How much money did the cavs offer LeBron James?

The Cav's did NOT offer Lebron James enough money therefore he left to play for the Miami Heat.

Did LeBron James donate money?

Yes he donates money to charity.

Who makes the most money in endorsements?

It is still Tiger Woods who makes the most in endorsements and Lebron James is second, Lionel Messi must be 3rd

How much money did lebron James make 2003?


How much money does lebron James donate?

He donated $50.000

How much money did lebron James make in Cleveland?


Who makes more money lebron or Kobe?

Kobe makes more money sorry for you all Lebron fans bout Kobe is the best basketball player after Micheal Jordan

How much money does LeBron James make a game?

500,000 a game

How much money is Lebron James basketball camp?

3000 dollors

How much money Lebron James make in the NBA?

16 million

Do 50 cent have more money than lebron James?


How much money can another team pay Lebron James?


How much money will LeBron James get on his new team?

Lebron signed a deal for six years and 110.1 million.

Who makes more money Lebron or Kobe for the 2010 season?


Why did LeBron James skip college?

LeBron James skipped college and was drafted out of high school. He chose to take the money rather than go to college.

Who is the tallest Alex Rodriguez Michael Phelps LeBron James or Peyton Manning?

SOMONES watching million dollar money drop. Haha. It's Lebron James.