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A Baseball player makes more money then a Basketball player... most money payed for a baseball player right now is 30.5 mill for Alex Rodriguez. Most for a basketball player this year(2007-08) is 21 mill for Kevin Garnet!

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Q: Who makes more money baseball or basketball players?
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Who makes more money golf or basketball players?

basketball players

Who makes the most money basketball players or football players?

i think that football makes more than basketball because the play much harder and get hurt more than basketball players

Who makes more money baseball or football players?

Baseball makes money than football

Who makes more money movie stars or baseball players?

the baseball players make more money

Who makes more money professional basketball players or professional wrestlers?

That depends

Who makes more money basketball or soccer players?

When you lose in an eating contest

Who makes more money Major League Baseball players or mechanics?

Major league baseball players

Who makes more money soccer players or basketball players?

Soccer, since its the most famous sport in the world. Lots of spectators = Lots of Money.

How much food money do basketball players get on the road?

Basketball players do not get food money, they have a salary. The use their own money

Do basketball players make more money than rappers?

basketball players

What benefits do ushers at baseball games have?

they are able to meet the basketball players and they make good money

Who makes more money football or basketball players?


Who make more money a football player or a basketball player?

On average basketball players do. Also all of basketball players money is guaranteed money. Normally, a large amount of football players money in their contract has to be earned through statistical and performance incentives.

Do pro basketball players get more than regular basketball players?

If you mean more money then yes they do get A LOT more money.

Who makes more baseball or football players?

football players make more money

What did the basketball players get paid in 1891?


How do pro basketball players get paid?

with money

How much do basketball players earn in the English Basketball League?

most basketball players make about 100,000 per basket!!! that's alot of money

Which sport makes more money soccer or baseball?

Soccer players make infinitely more money than baseball players. The #1 sports franchise in the world is Manchester United, a soccer team.

Do baseball players get more money or football players?

Baseball players because in football there Is a limit to how much money you can be paid unlike in baseball there is no limit

Do football players make more money than basketball plAyers?

i think basketball make more money because they play harder than football players just play around it is not a joke

How much do basketball players get payed?

A lot of money

What is the average money for basketball players?

onemillion dollars

What do women basketball players pay their agents?


Which sport makes more money basketball or hockey?


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Who makes more money baseball or football players?

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