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Q: Who makes chipmunks jacket in the video chip diddy chip?
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Is dappy in chipmunks chip diddy chip video?


Who is the girl with the blue jacket in what makes you beautiful music video by cimorelli?

There were 3 girls wearing a blue jacket in Cimorelli's cover of "What Makes You Beautiful": Christina, Amy, and Lauren.

Who makes the leather jacket that Justin Bieber wears in his next 2 you video?

his assistant

The make of the baby blue jacket worn by akon in the dangerous video?

i wouldn't be surprised if it was lrg bc the jacket looks like a nylon jacket and lrg makes tons of nylon jackets

Did Michael Jackson do a video with chipmunks?


What jacket did Eminem wear in the I Need A Doctor video?

full metal jacket

Is dappy from n dubz in the chip diddy chip video?

Yes he is.

Who is the model in Diddy's Loving you no more music video?

Manuela Arbeláez

When is the Alvin and the Chipmunks video game coming out?

january 1,2013

What jacket is Chris Brown wearing in his video you can transform ya?

a black jacket

Who hosted the 2005 MTV Video Music Awards?

The 2005 MTV Video Music Awards were hosted by Diddy.

What jacket has professor green got on in monster video?

he has a nike varsity edition jacket on in that video.. dont think you can get it yet though !