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a Basketball player

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โˆ™ 2009-10-26 11:59:38
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Q: Who makes a rainbow shot?
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What makes a rainbow shot?

Shooting the basketball in a very high arch. That is called a rainbow shot.

Who makes a rainbow shot football basketball baseball or volleyball?

in basketball you make a rainbow shot

Who makes rainbow shots?

A basketball player shooting a shot with a very high arch is making what is called a rainbow shot.

What specified sport player makes a rainbow shot?

A basketball player

What is a rainbow shot in basketball?

A rainbow shot in basketball is simply a shot that goes incredibly higher than most, there are also rainbow passes, which are also known as a lolli pass.

Who makes the rainbow?

god makes rainbows

What makes the colors in a rainbow?

it is the rain when it rain and the sun comes out the rainbow.

Why is there other rainbow songs?

A rainbow makes for really good imagery.

Why you get the rainbow?

Cause there is water near by and the sun is in front of it and it makes a rainbow and there is not end of a rainbow or a pot of gold

The colours of light makes a?


What makes the rainbow shine?

sunlight reflects through the water (rain) and produces the colours of the (rainbow)

What makes the colors in the rainbow?

The White Light Spectrum.

What makes soap bubbles rainbow colored?


Why do you see a rainbow after a rainstorm?

The sun has probably been out before, and you know what sun and rain makes: a rainbow.

How does a rainbow develop?

the rain reflects on the sun and makes the colours

What happens when a ray shines through a prism?

it makes a rainbow

The answer has two words. What makes white light?

Rainbow colours

What causes the rainbow color on a bubble?

because of the oils reflect off the sun light witch makes the rainbow shine

How does white and water make a rainbow?

The water acts like a prism and white light shines through it, it makes a rainbow.

What makes a shotgun dirty?

Burning powder, shot cups, shot wads.

What does H CL Magnesium Ribbon make?

It makes a Rainbow with sparkles in it.

What happen if water mixes with diesel fuel?

It makes a tiny rainbow

What happens to light when it passes through a rectangular block?

it makes a rainbow!

When you mix rainbow colors in water it turn black?

no. it makes white.

What happens when a light is is shined through a prism?

it makes a rainbow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D