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The league rules committee.

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Q: Who make the rules for non sanctioned bowling leagues?
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Can a president of a non sanctioned bowling league change or make up his own rules?

Non-sanctioned leagues generally do not have a higher authority that governs rukes.

Blind team in bowling?

Bowling leagues like to have an even number of teams. If a league is short one team, then a "blind team" is added to make an even number of teams. Different leagues have different rules on how to handle the scores for the team bowling against the blind team.

What does a sanctioned bowling league mean?

That the league is recognized by the USBC (United States Bowling Congress), formerly ABC (American Bowling Congress) as a league. The USBC is the sanctioning body in the US. It means that they are the ones that set the rules and make sure they are followed.

How many officials in bowling?

Generally, bowling does not use officials. In sanctioned tournaments, if the foul sensors do not work, then there is suppose to be one or two line judges watching to make sure someone does not step over the foul line.

How do you make the pocket of a lacrosse stick less deep?

Grind your ball into the pocket. But make sure you don't make it too deep. Different leagues have different rules about how deep your pocket can be.

Where do they make bowling balls?

At a bowling ball factory.

How many matches make a bowling game?

10 frames make a game of bowling.

How do you dull a bowling ball at home?

With sandpaper. Make sure you DULL the whole ball and not just the track since it is against the rules to dull just the track.

How-to make a floating and sinking bowling ball?

you cannot make a floating and sinking bowling ball, it is highly impossible.

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Depending on the league millions of dollar , the college leagues make a great deal of revenue as well as the professional leagues.

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