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golfers. tiger was the most paid pro athlete until the scandal and he was making over 100 million $ a year

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Q: Who make more money nfl players or golfers?
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Who makes more money football players or golfers?

footballers coz there the fiest

Do pro golf players only get paid if they win?

Golfers that 'make the cut' usually get some amount of money, typically at least enough to cover their entry fees. The better you do, the more money you get. Some golfers get corporate sponsorships and endorsements.

Do nba players make more money than NFL?

NBA players make more money than NFL players because in the NBA there are more games and the more games you play the more money you make. So that is why the NBA players make more money than the NFL players.

What sports are paying the highest to their players?

Soccer is the most well payed players ,but there are a very few(1-3) golfers that make more.

Who makes more money movie stars or baseball players?

the baseball players make more money

How much does a golfer make a year?

Golfers can earn millions of money. But it also depends how good they are Tiger Woods, etc, earn the most amount of money as golfers and pro golfers earn lots more than footballers and it is to known that pro golfers earn the most money in sport in the world

Do football player make the same anount of money?

the good players make more money the bad players make less money

Do nba players make more money than NFL players?


Do rapper make more money basketball players?

Basketball players

How much do pro disc golfers make?

Pro dic golfers can earn anywhere from $100-$55,000 maybe more but its a humble amount and not anyways about the money.

Who makes more baseball or football players?

football players make more money

Do baseball players or soccer players make more money?

a baseball player

Do basketball players make more money than rappers?

basketball players

Do football players make more money than basketball plAyers?

i think basketball make more money because they play harder than football players just play around it is not a joke

Do NBA players deserve more money than they make?


Do football players or baseball players make more money?

I would guess football.

What does golfers never diet they just exist on greens mean?

It is just a wee golf joke, clearly hilarious. The green is where players make their money, you hit the green and make the putt. Hitting more greens should mean less strokes, unless you are a horrendous putter.

Who make more money football players or basketball players?

Probably Football players considering that Chad OChocinco has $25,000 Beats by Dre.

Why do baseball players get alto of money of money?

Only the major league baseball players who are gifted make allot of money. They are paid big dollars because they are very good at what they do. Great players equals more victories. The more victories the more fans come to see them play. This creates more revenue. It is all about the money.

Do pro basketball players get more than regular basketball players?

If you mean more money then yes they do get A LOT more money.

Which sport makes more money soccer or baseball?

Soccer players make infinitely more money than baseball players. The #1 sports franchise in the world is Manchester United, a soccer team.

Who make more money a football player or a basketball player?

On average basketball players do. Also all of basketball players money is guaranteed money. Normally, a large amount of football players money in their contract has to be earned through statistical and performance incentives.

What do NFL players make?

If your talking about how much money they make, NFL players can earn as much as 3 million dollars a year, more if they win the super bowl.

How many players have won 4 major golf championships?

26 golfers have won 4 or more major golf championships.

Who makes more money golf or basketball players?

basketball players