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they get paid about the same

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Q: Who make more money mlb or nba?
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Does the Major League Baseball make more than the NBA?

Yes baseball is much more popular and the MLB makes a lot more money than the NBA

What pro sport makes the most money mls nba nfl MLB nhl?

MLB player gets more money.

Do nba players make more money than NFL?

NBA players make more money than NFL players because in the NBA there are more games and the more games you play the more money you make. So that is why the NBA players make more money than the NFL players.

Who gets more money baseball players or nba players?

Well according to average salaries a NBA player gets paid more as on average they make $5.84 million and an MLB player makes $ 3.3 million.

What professional sport makes more money The MLB or NFL or NBA?

The NHL makes the most, genius.

Do NBA players deserve more money than they make?


Do nba players make more money than NFL players?


Why do the NBA have all-star games?

to show good nba players and to make more money for the league

Who make more money for 2009 Kobe Bryant or LeBron James?

As of 2009, Kobe makes more money of his salary in the NBA, not from endorsements.

How much money does an NBA cheerleader make?

nba cheerleaders make 1,000,000 dollars a year

How much money do NBA scouts make?

about a million

Is the NBA a basketball team?

No. The NBA (National Basketball Association) is a league, much like the NFL and MLB. There are 30 teams in the NBA. See the related link for more information.

Who makes more money the NFL or the NBA?


What is the point of NBA lockout?

For the players to get more money

Sre the NBA playoffs setup?

yes it is. i know the playoffs are. the nba is a business and all a business wants to do is profit. the set it up so dat it is more entertaining and they will make more money

What is a Thesis statement on mlb vs NBA?

what is a good thesis statement on the NBA

What is better NBA 2k11 or MLB 2k11?

In my opinion i believe it is NBA 2k11.

How much does an NBA gm make?

an NBA GM makes a lot of money which they spend on food:)

What is the most profiting job in America?

the adult film industry makes more money per year than the nba, nfl, and mlb combined. that's a lot of money. a new movie is produced every 20 seconds

How much money does charles barkley make?

He is retired from the NBA.

What pro teams in NHL NBA nfl and NBA have duplicate mascots?

The Rangers are in the MLB and the NHL (New York and Texas) The Giants are teams in the MLB and NFL The Cardinals are teams in the MLB and NFL

What are facts on the number 30?

There's 30 teams in the NHL , NBA, MLB. 30 is would be the second point it tennis. I'll make more facts...... just wait

What are the pro team mascots that dont end in an s?

White Sox (MLB) Red Sox (MLB) Heat (NBA) Magic (NBA) Jazz (NBA) Thunder (NBA) Wild (Hockey) Avalanche (Hockey) Lightning (Hockey)

How much money does an NBA pro make a month?

Well if your a decent player you can make 3-5 million a year. Shaq made 20 million for a while. You can make a lot of money if you are in the NBA.

What education do an nba player need to get in?

have to be a mlb player