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Tom Brady - 334 passing touchdowns, 14 rushing touchdowns in the regular season

41 passing touchdowns, 3 rushing touchdowns in the playoffs

Total - 375 passing touchdowns, 17 rushing touchdowns - 392 total touchdowns.

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Q: Who made the most touchdowns in New England Patriots?
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Who holds the record for the most receiving touchdowns in a season?

Randy Moss(New England Patriots) with 24 touchdowns

What team scored the most touchdowns in a Super Bowl?

The New England Patriots

Who holds the New England Patriots record for most receiving touchdowns in a season?

Randy Moss

Who has made the most touchdowns ever for the patriots?

WR Stanley Morgan (1977-1989) with 68.

Who passed for the most touchdowns in one season?

Who: Tom Brady Team: New England Patriots Year: 2007 Amount: 50

How many NFL records are held by the New England Patriots?

The 2007 New England Patriots have the records for: Most Points in a Season Most Touchdowns in a Season Tom Brady took over the Most Touchdowns Passing in a Season Randy Moss took over the Most Touchdowns Receiving in a Season Most wins in a regular season Most consecutive wins in the regular season Tom Brady set the record for highest completion percentage in a playoff game

What NFL player scored the most touchdowns in 2007?

That was wide receiver Randy Moss of the New England Patriots with 23 TDs in the 2007 season.

What NFL team holds the record for the most touchdowns in a single quarter?


What NFL quarterback has the most rushing touchdowns?

Steve Grogan of the 1976 New England Patriots with 12.

Who has made the NFL playoffs the most?

Im no expert, but i have to say the New England Patriots.

What is the NFL recored for most touchdowns under a minute?

Patriots vs jets 3 tds in a minute

How many records did the patriots break in 2007?

Most points scored in a season Most touchdowns in a season Most consecutive regular season victories Most victories in a season Randy Moss broke the touchdowns receiving in a season Tom Brady broke the touchdowns passing in a season