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The first tenets of native Korean Martial Art were established as a code of morality and ethics within the Hwarang Youth Group of 7th century Korea, and were borrowed and modified for modern Taekwondo by Korean Army General Choi, Hong-Hi

There are currently many versions of the Taekwondo tenets, typically ranging in number from 5 to 7. The original list of 5 tenets was published in the first English text called "Taekwondo the Art of Self Defense" by Choi, Hong-Hi (1965). [note: Choi had written an early edition in Korean about 1959, but I know of no existing copies of that edition. Thus, it is not known if the same tenets are listed in that book] These Tenets were adopted by most of the Kwans that united to form the Korean Taekwondo Association (KTA) in 1961.

The original 5 tenets of Taekwondo are:




Self Control

Indomitable Spirit

General Choi borrowed the idea for his list of tenets from the warrior's code of ethics established in the Hwarang Knights Youth Group during the 7th century. Below are listed the original tenets with parenthesis around what might be interpreted as the compared modifications to the modern version.

1. Loyalty to the Emperor/King (modified as "Perseverance" never ending loyalty and service)

2. Filial piety to parents/family (modified as "Integrity" being complete in character and honor)

3. Respect among friends (modified as "Courtesy" good manners and respect)

4. No retreat in war (modified as "Indomitable Spirit" unbeatable will power, no matter the odds)

5. No unjust killing (modified as "Self Control" never misuse Taekwondo)

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Q: Who made the 5 tenets of Tae Kwon Do?
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