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Q: Who made most consecutive free throws at University of Kentucky?
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What is the record for consecutive free throws made during game conditions in college?

The record is a recent one. It is currently owned by Darnell Archey formerly of Butler University. He connected on 85 consecutive free throws over three seasons. The streak began in 2000 and ended in January 2003.

Most consecutive free throws by Calvin Murphy?


How many consecutive free throws has stephan curry made?

At the moment he stands at 74 consecutive and the record is 97 consecutive by Michael Williams.

What is the WNBA record for most consecutive free throws made?

Michael Williams holds the record for the most NBA free-throws in a row. From March 24, 1993 until Nov. 9, 1993, he made 97 consecutive free throws with the Timberwolves.

Who holds the world record for the most consecutive free throws mad in a row and how many?

Ted St. Martin holds the world records for the most consecutive free throws made in a row. He 5,221 consecutive free throws on April 28,1996 while teaching a shooting clinic to students. It took him 7 hours and 22 minutes to complete this task.

How many consecutive free throws did Larry Bird make?


How many free throws has ray Allen mad in a row?

Ray Allen made 72 consecutive free throws. He currently holds the Celtics franchise record for that feat.

Who holds the California high school basketball for most consecutive free throws made?

Barrie Eget

What player has the longest free throw streak in NCAA basketball?

Tyler Hansbrough, a senior at the University of North Carolina set the NCAA Div I record for career free throws made on Feb 28, 2009 against Georgia Tech. He has 907 and counting. The previous record of 905 was held by Dickie Hemric of Wake Forest.

Who has the Most blindfolded free throws?

well i know Chauncey Billups tied the record for most free throws made blind folded in a minute with 5 . He couldve beaten the record but Brandon roy shot the ball and knocked out the last ball that wouldve gotton him the record. Fred Newman made 88 Consecutive Free throws blindfolded.

Who made the most consecutive foul shots?

The NBA record for most consecutive free throws made is 97 by Michael Williams of the Minnesota Timberwolves between March 24, 1993 and November 9, 1993.

What is the longest nba free throw streak?

Micheal Williams made 97 consecutive free throws from March 24, 1993 to November 9, 2003 while with the Minnesota Timberwolves.