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Sanath Jayasuriya he scored 50 in 17 balls

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Kevin O'Brien for Ireland against England in world cup 2011

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Q: Who made fatest fifty in 50 over match cricket?
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Who made cricket illegal?

Match fixing

Fastest fifty in one day match?

sanath jayasuriya made the fastest fifty

Who scored the fatest century in icI cricket world and the name of the country?

Kevin O'Brien(Ireland) vs England in 2011.he made century on 50 balls.

How many cricketers have made fifty or more Test centuries?

As of January 2011, just a single player has made over 50 centuries in Test match cricket, India's Sachin Tendulkar, who has made 51 centuries in 177 Test matches.

First cricket player made 100 runs in test?

Charles bannerman of australia has made the first century in test match against england he has scored 165 not out in the fist match of history of test cricket.

When a player in a cricket match is injured what can be made?

A replacement can be made in bringing a substitute fielder in the field

Maximum run made in single ball in any type of cricket match?


What is the total highest score made by a team in a match in the whole cricket history and who is it?


Who made the first century in test cricket?

Charles Bannerman made 165 (retired hurt) for Australia in the first cricket test at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, during the match between Australia and England in March 1877.

Which two teams made it into the final match of World Cup cricket 2007?

Sri Lanka & Australia

Who is the first woman century in t-20 match?

Windies' Dottin made first centure in t20 woman cricket.

Who is man of the match in semifinal of cricket worldcup1992?

Inzamam-ul-Haq (Pakistan),he made 60 runs on 37 balls