Who made NFL uniforms before Reebok?

Updated: 10/20/2022
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puma, starter, nike, and Wilson

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Q: Who made NFL uniforms before Reebok?
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What company made the original nfl jerseys?


What brand are NFL jerseys?

For the 2009-2010 season, we decided to go with Adidas. Nike wanted too much money. We will continue to go with Adidas because of their quality, but Reebok may give them a run for their money. -MSOE , Milwaukee, WI

What material are baseball pants made of?

100% Polyester. I own a pair of used Miami Dolphins pants. The pants are made in Berlin, Wisconsin by Ripon Athletics under the Reebok brand. I'm not sure if there is a competing brand of pant also in the league (I know players where helmets from different manufacturers). From what I understand though is that these are the standard NFL game pants. All NFL Uniforms are Manufactured by Ripon (Pants and Jerseys). The licensing agreement currently belongs to Reebok but Nike will take over in 2012. Before Reebok purchased the exclusive agreement with the NFL individual teams had their own agreements, which is why there were team with Nike, Reebok and Puma logos on their uniforms. The licensing was different but the manufacturing was the same.

How long does Reebok's sponsorship for NFL apparel last?

The sponsorship ends in 2012, the 2012 season will be sponsored by Nike with their Nike Pro-Combat uniforms!\

Where are authentic Reebok NFL jerseys made?

All over the place, Wherever Reebok gets the better deal, Vietnam, China, Korea.....

Who sponsors the NFL?


What the most popular brand of gear in the nfl?


What is the difference between Reebok NFL jerseys and Nike NFL jerseys?

The main difference between Reebok NFL jerseys and Nike NFL jerseys are the construction and material. The new Nike NFL jerseys are 20%-30% lighter than the old Reebook NFL jerseys.

Who are the two NFL sponsors that have an on-field presence?

Motorola (headsets) and Reebok (Jerseys)

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Will the NFL saints get new uniforms for 2008?


How long has NFL had names on uniforms?