Who left arsenal for juventus?

Updated: 11/23/2022
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Q: Who left arsenal for juventus?
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Who has transfered from Ac Milan to arsenal to Juventus to Inter Milan?

The player to be trasfered from A.C.Milan to Arsenal . to Juventus and then to Inter Milan today is the French midfielder Patrick Vieira.

Which football club thierry Henry play for before arsenal?


Players who have scored in England Italy and Spain?

1.Theirry henry, juventus ,arsenal,barca 2.David becham 1.Theirry henry, juventus ,arsenal,barca 2.David becham

Who transfered from Cannes AC Milan Arsenal Juventus Inter Milan?

Patrick Vieira

How old was thierry Henry when he joined arsenal?

Thierry Henry joined Arsenal from Juventus in August 1999. The fee is thought to be around £10.5Million.

I like Arsenal but I also like Juventus Arsenal plays in the EPL and Juventus plays in the Italian league I also like FC Barcelona is it okay to like these 3 teams from 3 different leagues?

It is normal to like different teams in different leagues. Unfortunately, there is that one that will have a higher preference than the others and from your story I think it is Arsenal.

What is the name of the club of thierry Henry before he came to arsenal?

He joined from Juventus in 1999 for 10.5 million

Who has Thierry Henry played for?

Monaco,Juventus,Arsenal,Barcelona,New York Red Bulls (current club)

Which are the famous football clubs?

Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, Real Madrid, Juventus, AC Milan, Liverpool

How many clubs has thiery Henry played for?

Henry played for these main clubs Monaco, Juventus, arsenal and barcelona.

Who are arsenal getting this season?

been linked with huntelar and van der vaart hopefully felipe melo as he is unhappy at juventus

What football team does Theiry Henry play for?

1994-1999 Monaco 1999 Juventus 1999-2007 Arsenal 2007-2010 Barcelona 2010- present New york red bulls he also went out on a loan to arsenal is 2012 and played for the french national team from 1997-2010