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Wes Welker of the Patriots lead recieving yards and i think Calvin johnson AKA Megatron led touchdowns!

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Q: Who leads NFL in receiving yds and tds in 2011?
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What NFL running back has scored 25 receiving touchdowns?

Marshall Faulk had 36 receiving TDs in his career (1994-2005). Fullback Larry Centers had 28 receiving TDs in his career that spanned 1990-2003.

Who is Leading the NFL 09 season with receiving touchdowns?

Through Week 10 of the NFL season, that is Larry Fitzgerald of the Arizona Cardinals and Reggie Wayne of the Indianapolis Colts with 8 receiving TDs each.

What receiver has had the most touchdowns?

Jerry Rice, who is the all-time NFL leader in touchdowns scored with 208, had 197 career receiving TDs.

How many nfl running backs have scored 15 rushing and 15 receiving touchdowns in the same season?

0. Actually, no one has come close. Of those running backs who have scored 15+ touchdowns in a season, the most receiving TDs any one of them had in the same season was 8 by Marshall Faulk of the 2000 St. Louis Rams who had 18 rushing TDs. Next comes O.J. Simpson of the 1975 Buffalo Bills who had 16 rushing TDs and 7 receiving TDs.

Who led the NFL in touchdowns for the most seasons?

Don Hudson.Hudson, a Hall of Fame receiver for the Green Bay Packers between 1935-1945, led the NFL in TDs scored an incredible 8 seasons. His best season was 1942 when he scored 17 TDs, had 74 receptions and 1211 receiving yards in just 11 games. He scored 105 TDs (99 receiving, 3 rushing, 2 returns, 1 INT) in 116 regular season games and was the first player in NFL history to score 100 TDs for a career.He also led the NFL in pass receiving in 8 seasons and pass receiving yardage in 7 seasons.

Who led the New York Giants in receiving yards 1987?

Mark Bavaro led the Giants in receptions, receiving yards, and receiving TDs in 1987. He had 55 catches for 867 yards and 8 TDs.

How many receiving yards was the most Chad Johnson had in a season?

Through the 2008 season, that was 2007 when he had 1440 receiving yards and 8 TDs on 93 receptions. He had 1432 receiving yards and 9 TDs on 97 receptions in 2005.

How many NFL players have scored 100 career touchdowns?

20 non qb players have scored 100 tds or more. Jerry rice leads all players with 208.

What is Percy harvin nfL stats?

15 rushing attempts for 135 yards averaged 9 yards a carry a long of 35 yards 0 TDs. 42 kick returns for 1,156 , 27.5 return average a long of 101 and 2 TDs. 60 receptions for 790 yards average receiving of 13.2 a long of 51 and 6 TDs.

How many catching touchdowns did Barry Sanders have?

Barry Sanders had 10 receiving TDs in his career. He also had 99 rushing TDs for 109 total career TDs scored.

What is the NFL record for most career TDs?

20 20

Who scored 23 touchdowns in 1975?

That was O.J. Simpson of the Buffalo Bills who scored 16 rushing TDs and 7 receiving TDs in the 1975 season.