Who killed bree?

Updated: 10/26/2022
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The Volturi killed Bree. Carlisle was willing to spare her for she didn't know the rules, but as the Volturi say "We do not offer second chances."

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Q: Who killed bree?
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Who are mara and bree?

Bree O'Mara is a South African author who was killed in a plane crash in May 2010.

Is bree tanner going to be in braeking dawn?

no she was killed in ecllipse

What happens in Eclipse to Bree Tanner?

she gets killed by the volturi

What time period does A Short Second Life of Bree Tanner take place in?

It takes place during Eclipse, just before she is killed.

Who is Bree from Twilight saga eclipse?

Bree is one of the newborn vampires set out by Victoria to kill Bella. She is important because she surrenders to Carlisle, but is then killed by the Volturi.

What was the name of the new born killed by the Volturi in Eclipse?

I think that the name of the new born killed by the Volturi in Eclipse was Bree . :)

Is bree tanner still alive?

No, the volturi killed her, though the cullens tried to save her.

Who is bree in eclipse?

bree was one of the new born vampires that were attacking the cullens in the clearing. the cullens let her live though because she said she wouldn't hurt them but the volturi killed her.

Who is Bree Tanner from Eclipse in the Twilight Series?

she is one of the new born vampires, but she surrenders before the cullens destroyed her like the rest. the cullens were willing to train bree and take full responsibility for her, but Jane would not let them. Jane killed bree because Jane said she went against the law.

Why did Bree have to die?

Because in Bella's' eyes it teaches her that she mustn't be a human killer otherwise she will get killed herself

What is Stephenie Meyer Bree Tanner?

Bree Tanner is one of the 19 vampires that Victoria changed to be in her army. She was the one who Carlisle gave an option to, surrender or be killed. By surrendering she would have to submit herself to the 'vegetarian' lifestyle. She surrendered but the Volturi killed her anyway because she was a rule breaker.The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner by Stephenie Meyer is about what the newborn vampires were doing before the fight.

Is riley back in Breaking Dawn?

No, he died in Eclipse Riley along with all of the newborns and Victoria were killed by the cullens except for bree tanner who was killed by alec