Who killed Eddie gurrero?

Updated: 12/19/2022
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No one killed him, he died of an overdose of drugs and steroids.

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Q: Who killed Eddie gurrero?
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Will Eddie gurrero be on WWE 12?

Yes Eddie gurrero is in wwe12 u just have unlock him in herro storey

Is Eddie gurrero an alcohoic?


What WWE star was killed?

Owen hart, he fell during a live taping of the old wwf.

Is Eddie gurrero dead?


Does Eddie gurrero have a birthday?


Were is Eddie gurrero from?

El Paso, Texas

What is Eddie Gurrero's favorite food?

earth worms

Did Eddie gurrero in WWE really die?


Is Eddie gurrero still alive?

no,he died from a heart attack

Is Eddie gurrero apart of the hardys?

Eddie Guerrero never is, never was, and never will be a part of the Hardys.

Is Chavo Gurrero alive or dead?

he is alive..... but im sure he misses eddie R.I.P I LUV U EDDIE

How did WWE Eddie gurrero die?

His heart gave out from to many pain pills.