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The team that scores a TD always kicks off to start play regardless of whether their extra point try was successful or not.

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Q: Who kicks off after a team scores 2 points after a blocked extra kick return?
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In US Pro NFL football can you return a blocked extra point kick attempt for a touchdown?

No. if you return it you get 2 points

Who in the NFL in the history of football has the most blocked extra points?

Who in the NFL in the history of football has the most blocked extra points

How do you score blocked extra point?

0 points... because it was blocked...

Can defence return blocked extra point if caught?

no they use to be able to

If you block an extra point in the NFL and return it will you get any points?

You do not get extra points for blocking an extra point attempt. Points in football can only be scored by action in the end zone. First, the above answer is incorrect, as points scored by kicking the ball through the uprights do not involve "action in the end zone." Second, in college football you ARE awarded two points if the defense blocks an extra point and returns it all the way across the opposing goal line in one play. But in high school or the NFL, blocked PATs are immediately ruled dead.

How many points are scored if the defensive team blocks the extra point and returns it for a touchdown?

None. During an extra point attempt only the team attempting it can score any points. If the defensive team blocks the kick it becomes a dead ball. The above is true EXCEPT in college football. In college, the defense can return a blocked extra point or a turnover during a 2-point attempt. If the defense can return it across the opposing goal in one play, they are awarded two points. If they fail, the try is over and the ball is kicked off as usual.

Who gets the ball after a blocked extra point and the defense runs it back and gets 2 points?


If scores are level at the end of the AFL Grand Final do they play extra time or return again next weekend?

teams return the following week

Can you score on a blocked field goal?

You can score on a blocked field goal as long as it isn't an extra point. In college football you can return PATS for a defensive 2 point convo

Can a blocked extra point attempt be advanced by the defense?

In college football, a blocked extra point can be returned for 2 points for the defending team. In pro football, however, any change of position instantly kills the play in a PAT situation.

If the ball is intercepted on an extra point can you score a touchdown?

You cannot score a touchdown if you intercept an extra point. If you return it for a touchdown (all the way to the other team's end zone) you get two points. This is only for college level football. Professional football and High School football immediately blows the whistle and the play is dead when an extra point kick attempt is blocked.

What are all the possible ways a football team could earn 12 points?

6 safety's., 1 TD no extra point two fgs, Two TD no extra pts, 4 , 2 fgs and 3 safety's. Really odd ones - 1 TD with extra pt two safety's and blocked extra or returned by defense to opposite end zone is 1 pt , 12 blocked extra pts returned 3 fg a safety and blocked pt. etc etc etc

What is the formula for the compound triphosphorus heptachloride?

P3Cl7 - by the way, I am pretty sure it is classed ans an inorganic compound if that scores extra points for you. Hope this helps.

When defense blocks the extra point and returns for touchdown for two pointswhat is that called?

It doesn't matter that it is a blocked extra point or an interception or a fumble recovery, if either team scores by possessing the ball in their end zone, it is a 'two-point conversion.'

How many points is a touch down?

A touchdown scores six points. The "extra point" kick tacks on a seventh point, or the scoring team can attempt a "two-point conversion" for a total of 8 points.

How many points are there in a ping pong game?

The first person to score eleven points in a ping pong game is declared the winner unless both players score ten points then the winner will be determined by whoever scores an extra two points.

What is a bingo in scrabble?

If you use all seven of your tiles on one turn it is called a bingo. You get an extra 50 points on top of your word scores.

What is an extra point in football?

After a team scores a touchdown and is awarded six points, they are given the opportunity to score one more point (an extra point) on the next play by lining up in a kicking formation and kicking the ball through the goalposts.

In baseball how is the winner determined?

whoever scores more points in 9 innings ...or when the home team retires the visiting team in the top of any inning after 9 innings given they have a lead and the game went into extra innings. And they are runs not points.

How do you score 6 points in football?

Scoring a touchdown scores you 6 points (the extra point kick after the TD gives you the extra point to make it 7). Or, you can kick 2 field goals (3 pts. + 3 pts. = 6 pts.). Another possible, although improbable, way would be to get 3 safeties (2+2+2=6). Pow!

Can a blocked extra point be advanced by the kicking team?


If game is over and your team scores a td Do you still kick a field goal even if you dont need the points?

At least in the NFL, a team is required to attempt an extra point, even if time has expired.

What are the points you get for NCAA football?

Safety-2 Blocked extra point and returned-2 Field goal-3 Touchdown-6 Extra point-1 Two point conversion-2

How much does luis Suarez get paid every time he scores?

he get 20,000 pounds extra everytime he scores a goal.

When is a two point conversion generally attempted?

A two point conversion is attempted after every time the team scores a try. I'm not a rugby expect, but in the normal league, there is 5-points awarded for a try, and an extra 2 if the conversion is scored, but in tournaments, I believe it is 4-points for a try and an extra 2 if the conversion is scored.~TS~