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The last drop kick in the NFL was byDoug Flutie who successfully drop kicked a PAT for the New England Patriots against the Miami Dolphins on January 1, 2006.

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Q: Who kicked the last NFL drop kick?
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How many points is a drop-kick field goal worth in the NFL if it is not after a touchdown?

A field goal is worth three points regardless of whether it is place kicked or drop kicked.

Who was the last player to kick a drop kick field goal?

Douge flutie was the last person to have a drop kick field goal plus he was the qb too. Click on the 'NFL Dropkickers' link on this page to learn about some of the best dropkickers in NFL history.

NFL who was the last player to kick a successful drop kick?

doug flutie on January 2, 2006 was the last player to convert a dropkick in an nfl game. the first time in 64 years.

How much for a drop kick in the NFL?


Can you still drop kick in the nfl?


What is a free kick in NFL football?

A "free kick" is any kick that is not a scrimmage kick. This includes kickoffs, or kicks that put the ball in play following a safety or a fair catch. A "scrimmage" kick, on the other hand, is a kick that takes place on a regular down or a try, when the ball must be snapped. This includes (most) punts, field-goal attempts and PATs. Kickoffs cannot be punted, but any other type of free kick can be punted, place-kicked or drop-kicked.

What is a free kick in the nfl?

A "free kick" is any kick that is not a scrimmage kick. This includes kickoffs, or kicks that put the ball in play following a safety or a fair catch. A "scrimmage" kick, on the other hand, is a kick that takes place on a regular down or a try, when the ball must be snapped. This includes (most) punts, field-goal attempts and PATs. Kickoffs cannot be punted, but any other type of free kick can be punted, place-kicked or drop-kicked.

Does a drop kick have to make contact with the ground in the nfl?

Yes, that is the very definition of a drop kick in every sport that allows it. A drop kick is a type of kick whereby the ball bounces off the ground before kicking it. It is a legal play not only in the NFL but in the CFL, association football (soccer), rugby, Arena football, and Australian rules football.

What are the release dates for NFL Rush Zone Season of the Guardians - 2010 Drop Kick's Double Cross?

NFL Rush Zone Season of the Guardians - 2010 Drop Kick's Double Cross was released on: USA: September 2013

How much a field goal?

3 points. But a drop kick (which is similar to a field goal) is worth 2 points. A drop kick is where you drop the ball on the ground and let it bounce up in the air then kick it through the goal posts. This is very difficult to do and is very rarely tried in the nfl.

How many points is a drop kick in the NFL?

A drop kick is worth 1 point if attempted as a Point After Touchdown, or 3 points if attempted as a Field Goal. The points are only rewarded if the attempt is successful of course. A drop kick isn't worth any points, per se, it is simply another method of kicking the ball. It was replaced by the punt in popularity when the shape of the ball was changed (from round to more pointed ends) in the 1930s to make it easier to throw passes. However, the drop kick can still be used, and if a ball is drop kicked through the uprights, it is considered a field goal and worth three points. If a drop kick is used during a point after touchdown (PAT) try, and is successful, it is worth one point. One rarely sees a drop kick tried these days as the more pointed ends make the bounce of the ball very unpredictable.

When was the last NFL onside punt?

The onside kick from scrimmage was eliminated, in the collegiate game, before WWI -- around 1912, I believe. The NFL started in 1920. So I guess the answer is -- never. In the NFL, an onside kick is only possible on a kickoff or on a free kick after a safety. But has there ever been an onside drop kick? I don't know, but lets consider why that would rarely (if ever) happen: Kickoffs are required to be a place kick (from a tee). So the only time you could even attempt an onside drop kick is after a safety, which is one of the rarest plays in football. An onside kick after a safety is very dangerous, as the kick must be from the 20 yard line. The opponent could recover the ball already in field goal range. An onside kick must hit the ground to prevent the other team from calling for a fair catch. This is more difficult to pull off with a drop kick.

How many points is a drop kick field goal worth in the NFL if it is not after a touchdown?

1 point

Who in the NFL holds the longest field goal kick?

Answerjason elam Jason Elam kicked a 63 yarder and Tom Dempsey also kicked a 63 yarder

WHo was the last straight on kicker in the NFL?

Mark Moseley was the last starting placekicker who was a straight on kicker. Steve Cox, who kicked off, punted , and kicked very long field goals was the last of any kind.

Is a drop kick worth three points like a field goal in football?

Yes.AnswerDont know but you have been watching to much "water boy" lol AnswerYes, it is a field goal but it much touch the ground before it is kicked, in other words it isn't a punt, but the old bounce the ball off the field and kick it move, which can't be done with the current shaped football very easily.

In the NFL can you drop kick a kick off or must the ball be on a tee or held by a player?

Dropkicks can only be attempted on a play from scrimmage, not on a kicking play that restarts the game.

Does the onside kick have to touch the ground?

No, it just has to go 10 yards from the spot kicked. That's how it is in the NFL I don't know about college.

What NFL player used to kick barefoot and for what team did he play for?

That would be Tony Franklin who kicked for the New England Patriots, and the Philadelphia Eagles....( you're welcome )

Can a punt in 4th down be the same as a field goal?

No, it is considered a touchback, and the defensive team receives the ball at the twenty yard line. If a punt goes through the uprights, it is a touchback, as was explained in the previous response. Here's why: in order for a field goal to count, the ball must touch the ground just before it is kicked. I wonder if your question comes after seeing some film from an old game. If so, you may be thinking of a drop kick, which looks similar to a punt. In the early days of the NFL (into the 40's & possibly the 50's) the place kick was not used. Instead of hiking the ball to the holder as it is today, the snapper would hike the ball directly to the kicker. The kicker then bounced the ball off the ground either by dropping it (or more purposely bouncing it) so that he could get his foot underneath it and kick the ball throught the uprights. This obviously had a lot of skill associated with it. As a result, the field goal was not as routine as what we see today. The main reason the drop drop kick isn't used anymore is because the shape of the official football changed - it used to be more rounded than it is today. And the odds of making a place kick are much better than a drop kick. My own theory is also that the specialization that began in the late 50's & into the 60's the NFL played a part in that. I don't personally remember single platoon football - that is same players on both offense & defense. But I do remember Chuck Bednarek, the last full-time 2-way player, at the end of his career. Since then platooning has culminated in the use not only of 2-squad football (separate players for offense & defense) but with specialization from specific kick and punt returners all the way down to players who are designated for specific downs (especially 3rd down backs, receivers, pass rushers, etc.) By the way - the drop kick is still a legal play in the NFL. It just isn't used because a place kick is almost automatic. Also, The rule about the ball touching the ground just before being kicked hasn't changed - I believe that's why there's no tee allowed for field goals in the NFL. This was an excellent answer to the original question. For modern reference, watch some rugby, the sport whence American football originates. Drop kicks are used in several aspects of rugby, and a drop kick for goal taken from the field of play is sometimes referred to as a "field goal" (although more commonly, "drop goal"). Of course, the rugby ball is rounder, more in the shape of the original footballs described by the other answerer above. In the last few weeks of the season Doug Flutie actually attempted and was successful on a drop kick. Go figure. No one could believe it. In rugby, the ball is dropped, then kicked as it is in contact with the ground. The kicker does not allow the ball to bounce. Thus it is in (roughly) the same position as for a place kick. If American Footballers used this method, then the shape of the ball (less rounded, more cigar-shaped) would not matter. no not at all but in ncaa rules if a punt is fair caught then a team can put the ball on a tee and try a field goal

Would NFL teams be interested in someone who could kick a football 70 yards?

I'm sure they would, but not unless the ball can be kicked accurately. For a place kicker, making a kick from 70 yards out is unheard of (I believe the NFL record is 63 yards). For a punter, if you can drill the ball 70 yards down the field, great, but you would also need to be able to accurately kick it a lesser distance depending on your teams position on the field.

When kicked by an NFL kicker which will go farther a Nerf football or NFL football?

an NFL football

Is a kicker allowed to kick barefoot in the NFL?

yes you are allowed but i think it would hurt. Paul McFadden and Tony Franklin from the Philadelphia Eagles(1970s & 1980s) kicked barefoot.

When was the last drop kick used and is it still legal to use it?

Ray McLean of the Chicago Bears was the last player to successfully drop kick in the NFL. He converted an extra point following Ken Kavanaugh's 42-yard fumble recovery for a touchdown during the Bears' 37-9 win over the New York Giants in the 1941 NFL Championship Game. The drop kick came in the fourth quarter of the title game played on December 21, 1941. Hall of Famer Earl "Dutch" Clark is believed to be the last player to successfully dropkick a field goal in the NFL. According to game accounts, he dropkicked a 17-yard field goal in the Detroit Lions 16-7 victory over the Chicago Cardinals on September 19, 1937. On January 1, 2006, Doug Flutie of the New England Patriots converted a point after touchdown by dropkick in a game against the Miami Dolphins. Flutie's dropkick for points was the first since McLean's for the Bears described in the above answer. And just to clarify, yes, the dropkick is still perfectly legal.

Who is the fastest kick returner in the NFL?

Devon Hester of the Chicago Bears is the fastest kick/punt returner in the NFL.