Who kicked the 63 yard punt?

Updated: 10/22/2022
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that's a random punt number and unsignificant, the longest nfl punt was 98 yards...

but the longest field goal was 63 yards by Jason elam

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Q: Who kicked the 63 yard punt?
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Who kicked the longest punt in a Super Bowl history?

Lee Johnson of the Cincinnati Bengals kicked a record long 63 yard punt in Super Bowl XXIII versus the San Francisco 49ers.

Do football's spiral when kicked?

A punt may spiral if kicked in a certain way or a punt may go end-over-end if kicked differently. A place kick will probably never spiral.

Who held the ball for Tom Dempsey when he kicked his 63 yard field goal?

DB Joe Scarpati, #21. Click on the 'Tom Dempsey 63 yard field goal' link below to see a video of the kick.

What is the highest punt ever kicked?

4 kilometres

Who kicked the longest field goal in super bowl 2011?

Through Super Bowl LII, the longest punt in Super Bowl play is by the New England Patriots Ryan Allen. He booted a 64 yard punt in Super Bowl XLIX vs the Seattle Seahawks for a touchback.

What is the difference between a drop kick and a punt?

A drop kick needs to hit the ground before it's kicked , where as a punt does not

Can the kicking team score on a punt if it goes though the field goal?

No. If the punt crosses the back of the end zone it is a touch back, and the other team takes possession on the 20 yard line. A drop kick, however, where the ball bounces off of the ground first, can be kicked and is treated the same as a field goal.

Was there ever a punt for negative yards in the NFL?

yes, the guy actually kicked it backwards

Who kicked the longest field goal in Nebraska College football history?

Alex Henry kicked a 57 yard field goal to gain the lead over the Colorado Buffalo's in the 2008 season.

What NFL kicker has the longest field goals in a Super Bowl?

On December 8, 2013, Matt Prater of the Denver Broncos kicked a record 64-yard field goal in Denver in a game against the Tennessee Titans. The previous record of 63 yards had been held jointly by Tom Dempsey of the New Orleans Saints and Jason Elam of the Broncos.

If a punt is kicked out of bounds is it a penalty?

No. The kicking team is penalized if a kickoff goes out of bounds, but on a punt, the ball is put in play for the receiving team at the point where it goes out of bounds.

Who has the longest Chicago Bears punt?

As of the 2008 season, that would be Dave Finzer who was credited with an 87 yard punt for the Bears in 1984.