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Q: Who issued NBA Replica jerseys before Champion began in 1992?
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How many jerseys are issued to MLB players per season?

Four or five home jerseys are issued each year to each player, as well as four or five away jerseys. That comes out to 20 or so uses of each jersey, less if any are not repairable or do not come clean. Each uniform has a year and number. For a home game to open the season, your jersey would have a "1" tag and a year tag, e.g. "2008."

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A kilt is not a required article of clothing to wear when playing lacrosse. In the Mens game, team issued sport shorts and jerseys are worn. The Women wear team jerseys and either shorts or skirts in games.

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How much is a throwback emmitt smith jersey worth these days?

if its an authentic "game issued jersey" your looking around $300 (give or take). if its a replica probably around $75. I have a "game issued jersey" signed by emmitt smith and it was apraised at $750. so it boils down to what type of jersey you have and if its signed or not.

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