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her name is nagore aranburu

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Q: Who is xabi alonsos' girlfriend?
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Is xabi alonso married?

Yes i belive he married his girlfriend

Where was xabi alonso born?

Xabi Alonso was born in Tolosa, Spain.

When was Xabi Alonso born?

Xabi Alonso was born on November 25, 1981.

What is Xabi Alonso's birthday?

Xabi Alonso was born on November 25, 1981.

When was Xabi Garalde born?

Xabi Garalde was born on 1988-07-05.

When was Xabi Pascual born?

Xabi Pascual was born on 1981-07-09.

When was Xabi Iruretagoiena born?

Xabi Iruretagoiena was born on 1986-03-21.

When was Xabi Etxebarria born?

Xabi Etxebarria was born on 1987-07-20.

When was Xabi Aburruzaga born?

Xabi Aburruzaga was born on 1978-04-10.

Can you name 10 footballers beginning with x?

xabi xavi xabi xavi

Are xabi alonso and Fernando alonso related?

No, Xabi is a footballer Fernando is a f1 driver

What is the birth name of Xabi Alonso?

Xabi Alonso's birth name is Xabier Alonso Olano.