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Boogeyman is a wwe wrestler who takes on the role of the haunted tale of the boogeyman who hides underneath beds and strikes at midnight. The wwe boogeyman enters the ring with a foreign dance and a staff, holding a clock in one hand. He wears red, yellow and black makeup. He also eats worms after successfully winning a match. He terrorizez the wwe by appearing at the most unexpected places. He is currently fighting in the ECW brand. His signature line is " I'm the boogeyman, and I,m coming to get you." His real name is Marty Wright, and his birthday is on October 31st, 1964. His signature move in Wrestling is the Boogeyslam. A:The Boogeyman is a WWE wrestler born on 1o/31/64. he is 44..He is currently with ECW .The Boogeymans signature move is the boogey slam.His famous line is i am the boogeyman and i am coming to get you.The boogeyman is also known as Marty Wright. After succesfully winning a match he puts worms in his mouth and spits them back up into his oponents mouth. His entrence he holds a clock in his mouth and bangs his hed with it. Boogeyman has red and black mask

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Q: Who is wrestling's Boogeyman?
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Is the boogeyman a she?

Paul white is the boogeyman. But, seriously....boogeyMAN.

Is boogeyman the father of mini boogeyman?

No. Mini-Boogeyman was a midget.

Is the boogeyman and little boogeyman related?


Where is T N A wrestlings headquarters?

nashville, tennese

In what year was the movie Boogeyman released?

Boogeyman was released in 2005. This was followed by Boogeyman 2 in 2007 and Boogeyman 3 in 2008. A TV movie named Boogeyman was also released in 2012.

When was The Boogeyman created?

The Boogeyman was created in 1978.

What is the boogeyman theme song?

im the boogeyman and I'm going to getcha can i here the boogeyman song.

Is the boogeyman a Disney movie?

No. The Boogeyman is not a Disney movie.

How did WWE superstar boogeyman die?

The boogeyman did not die!

Does the boogeyman got a son?

yes little boogeyman is his name

Is the WWE Boogeyman Tongan?

no the boogeyman isn't on svr 2010

When was Boogeyman released?

Boogeyman was released on 02/04/2005.

What was the Production Budget for Boogeyman?

The Production Budget for Boogeyman was $20,000,000.

When did the boogeyman originate?

The boogeyman was a character that first appeared in the 1980's. The Boogeyman has been lined very heavily with popular music. The boogeyman appeared in several popular music videos.

Whereis wrestling's boogeyman?

The Boogeyman has gone over to the ECW roster

What happen to the Boogeyman on WWE?

The Boogeyman was released from his contract in early 2009

What is the duration of Return of the Boogeyman?

The duration of Return of the Boogeyman is 1.27 hours.

What happened to the boogeyman on ECW?

BoogeyMan Has A Calf Injury And Is Scheduled To Return Sometime

Where can you find boogeyman photos?

type it in simple boogeyman photos there ya'll go

Where was Boogeyman born?

The Boogeyman born at Phoenix, Arizona on July 15, 1964.

Why did boogeyman leave WWE?

The boogeyman was released after the end of his contract in 08/09.

Will the boogeyman return by the time summerslam is here?

no the boogeyman will not return before summerslam

How much money did Boogeyman gross worldwide?

Boogeyman grossed $67,192,859 worldwide.

Does Boogeyman have a wife?

I don`t really know Boogeyman doesnt give it away, I think he has a wife because he does wrestle sometimes with Little Boogeyman.

How do you get the boogeyman?

on wwe 2009 smackdown v.s. raw put in boogeyman eats worms !!