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ronaldo he has pure skill

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Q: Who is world highest goal scorer of all time?
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Who is the all time highest goal scorer in football?


Who is Aston Villa's all time highest goal scorer?

billy walker

Who is the all time top goal scorer in the world?


Who is the all time goal scorer in men's world cup competiton?

Ronaldo from Brazil

Who is Ajax Amsterdam all time goal scorer?

the all time goal scorer is Piet van Reenen he scored 273 goals

Who scored most goal in FIFA World Cup?

If you ask all time scorer then it is the Brazilian striker Ronaldo.

Who is the leading time top goal scorer?


Who is England's all time leading world cup finals goalscorer?

The top goal scorer for England is Gary Lineker.

Who is Liverpool all time leading goal scorer?

Ian Rush

Who is the all time football goal scorer?

its Pele stupid newb

What is Alan Shearer's premiership leading goal tally?

Alan shearer was an amazing footballer who was is Newcastle uniteds all time leading goal scorer the premierships all time leading goal scorer and 4th on th englands all time leading scorers

Who is the world cup tournament's all time highest scorer?

It is the Brazilian Ronaldo with 15 goals, Klose and Mueller have 14 each.