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Paul bryant

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Q: Who is winningest football coach in university of south Carolina history?
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Who has the most wins in college football as of 2010?

The University of Michigan is the most winningest football program in the history of the NCAA.

What is the most winningest college football team in history?

The Michigan Wolverines are the most winningest college football team in FBS history.

Who is the winningest coach in Boston University hockey history?

jack Parker

What is the winningest program of college football history?

University of Michigan 2 - Texas 3 - Notre Dame 4 - Nebraska 5 - Ohio State

Who are the 20 winningest football teams in ncaa division 1-a history?


Who are the most winningest coaches in Pa high school football?

Coach George Curry from Berwick is the winningest coach in PA history.

All time winningest football team?

The Chicago Bears, with 700 victories in their history.

Who is the winningest coach in Raiders history?

Madden is the winningest coach.

What has the author Rick Scoppe written?

Rick Scoppe has written: 'Game of my life' -- subject(s): Football, History, South Carolina Fighting Gamecocks (Football team), University of South Carolina

Which school has the most 1000 yard rushers in college football history?

The University of North Carolina with 24. Who would have guessed it?

Who is the winningest football coach in Notre Dame history?

To answer your question Knute Rockne with 132-8-10 I hope this helps

What is the most dominant division 1 university in a single sport?

In NCAA college football, the University of Michigan has been one of the winningest franchises in the history of the FBS. Also, they have been to the more consecutive bowl games than any other team.

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